Why Is Dating So Difficult? Ten Reasons and Suggestions for Overcoming Them

Last updated: Sep 15, 2022
Why Is Dating So Difficult? Ten Reasons and Suggestions for Overcoming Them

Here are10 reasons why Dating is so difficult and suggestions to get through it.

Although dating and relationships in the modern digital age have some special benefits, they also present a number of difficulties.

A 2019 Pew Research Center survey found that dating is far more difficult now than it was ten years ago. And unlike our parents, we no longer automatically marry our high school sweethearts.

Nowadays, people are quick to reject you, and using dating apps, meeting someone you genuinely like could take some time. However, the patience and worry are completely worth it when you do finally find that someone.

Why is dating so difficult? Here are 10 reasons why dating in the present era is difficult, along with advice on how to get beyond these obstacles.

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1. Individuals appear to be expendable.

It is simple to connect with anybody and everyone within a mile radius thanks to dating apps. It is therefore simple to reject someone if you don't like them for any reason at all when they appear on your app. Because there are so many "more fish in the sea" to connect with, people have a very disposable mindset and move on to the next one as soon as they lose interest.

Give people a chance to succeed as a solution! Before deciding they aren't a good fit for you, give them some time to get to know you. You can be startled to discover that you wind up enjoying someone you first didn't believe you would.

Why dating is so difficult?

2. Conversational skills are lacking.

How often do you get a generic greeting like "hello," "what's up," or the identical GIF everyone else sends? You're typically left to start the conversation because many people struggle to come up with interesting beginning statements. only to exchange a few messages back and forth, only to be met with the sound of crickets.

Put up the effort to carry on a decent discussion as a means of overcoming it. Send a captivating opening message. Pose perplexing questions. You don't have to keep engaging if someone doesn't answer well, but at least you tried.

If you want to know how to improve your conversational skills, click here.

Lacking conversation skills makes dating difficult.

3. Ghosting is too prevalent.

Most people no longer show their dates the respect or care they formerly did by politely ending the relationship. Then, even though they did nothing wrong and are left wondering what went wrong and why they are unlovable, those people are left in a limbo, the true problem being that the ghost was disrespectful and unsure of how to properly terminate things.

How to get over it: Be polite enough to let someone know you're no longer interested in hanging out if you don't like them after going on one or three dates with them. A simple text message explaining the situation and wishing them the best or a face-to-face meeting over coffee will go a long way.

Ghosting makes dating difficult.

4. Most individuals only want to hook up.

It's okay if someone merely wants a casual or sexual connection. However, using dating apps might be challenging when the majority of users are solely interested in making out while your ultimate objective is to find true love.

How to get over it: Be clear about your desire for a committed, long-term relationship. To make sure you and the other person are on the same page, state your intentions on one of your first dates or even before you meet. You won't be wasting anyone's time or effort in this manner. You can better navigate the dating scene by understanding what the dating jargon means.

Only wanting to hook up makes dating difficult.

5. You aren't utilizing the proper apps.

Have you been perplexed as to why your recent use of a dating app hasn't produced any luck? It may not be the greatest one for you to meet the proper folks, though. For instance, you should utilize a site if you want something informal. On the other side, Match.com might be the best option for you if you're looking for a committed relationship.

How to get around it: Do some study to determine which app will work best for you. From senior dating to hookups and beyond, there are dating apps for everyone and anything.

If you want to find your ideal website, click here.

Wrong apps makes dating difficult.

6. You're being very choosy.

Yes, having standards and knowing what you want are vital. You apparently don't want to compromise, after all. But if you're very particular about every small detail, it will be difficult for you to establish healthy relationships with possible fantastic mates.

The best way to get over it is to let go of the notion that you'll discover the ideal partner. Until you speak with someone for a long time and observe how they behave in various scenarios, you might not even know that they are a fantastic match for you. Keep an open mind and remember that, generally speaking, the minor details don't matter.

Being too choosy makes dating difficult.

7. You yearn for love so much.

Being in love is a wonderful experience, and many of us strive to achieve it. Desperation, on the other hand, will lower the caliber of the people you connect with because you're looking for just any connection, not necessarily the perfect connection.

Avoid being fixated on finding love as a means of overcoming it. It will eventually occur. Continue engaging in your interests, spending time with loved ones, and concentrating on living your best life till then.

Yearning for much love makes dating difficult.

8. The media creates erroneous expectations.

How often have you seen a movie or television show that featured improbable dating scenarios? Regularly consuming this kind of media will warp your expectations and make you believe that dating in the real world is exactly like it is on television.

Remember that your dating life is not like the one in the romantic comedy you watched last week to help you get over it. Although what you see on television is not true, happy endings do exist. When you are dating, keep it in mind.

Ceating error expectations makes dating difficult.

9. Being kind isn't cool.

People may put on a strong exterior out of concern that their vulnerability will be seen as a weakness; however this is untrue. It's appealing to be upfront and sincere about your emotions and to put out the effort (to anyone who wants a committed relationship).

How to get over it: Have the guts to care in a world full of slackers. Make an effort, be the one to initiate conversation, and urge your dates to follow suit.

Being too kind makes dating difficult.

10. Participants in games.

Even though you have the freedom to reply right away, how long will you hold off on your first message? Who will send the first text after the date is over? Nowadays, deception is so widespread that receiving a prompt text response from someone who genuinely follows through is almost astonishing.

Stop playing games to get through it! Please reply to messages whenever you can. After having coffee with someone for the first time, send a thank-you text. Playing games is unhealthy. Being straightforward and sincere is appealing.

Participating in games makes dating difficult.

11. Make dating a tiny bit simpler.

There is hope at the end of what seems like a dark tunnel in modern dating. According to statistics from 2020, 54% of Americans believe internet dating is equally successful to in-person dating because so many individuals find love there. So why are you still waiting? To put this advice to the test and find what you're looking for as soon as possible, download one of the top dating apps today.

Making dating silpler can avoid making dating difficult.

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