Things That You Should Do After the First Date

Last updated: Aug 26, 2022
Things That You Should Do After the First Date

Things that you should do after the first date, there are several ways to approach this. use your own common sense to follow up best.

So, you’ve finally had your first date and it all went well? Then it's time to follow up and contact your date! There are several ways to approach this. Use your own common sense to follow up best, as my internet article won't give you all the answers, just some ideas

Write a Nice Message

If you have the impression that both of you enjoyed the time you spent together, Tell them! If you are not sure how the first date went, the following check list should help you asses the dates success:

    Was anyone arrested?
    Did anyone cry?
    Were the tears due to anything other than the amazingly hilarious joke you just told?
    Did the date get cut short?

If you answered yes to any of the above, commiserations, things might not have gone according to plan. My advice to you is to brush yourself off and try again. Bad dates sometimes happen. If you however had a good time, then there is a very good chance your date did too! People always like positive feedback. Depending on the person, after a date, they might be feeling a little insecure, even if it all went well. A simple, short and positive message to your date is a polite, non intrusive way to follow up. Don't wait three days or any madness like that. Relationships are not a video game with cheat codes to success. Relationships require a hefty dose of humility and honesty, so you might as well start early if this person looks like a keeper.

Make Compliments

Try to include some compliments in your message as well – but don’t sound too cheesy/creepy. In general, keep compliments neutral and avoid mentioning physical features. For extra thoughtfulness, try to reference a particular part of the date which you enjoyed. A good example would be along the lines of "I had lots of fun with you in the park, especially when that swan tried to steal our sandwich!". An example of a bad thing to say "The date was fun, I cant believe your still single! You have beautiful eyes."

Keep Getting To Know Each Other

After the first date, you will want to keep getting to know the new person. You don't need to set an official date to keep in touch. Modern technology makes it incredibly easy to stay in touch with people. When you have free time, you can start calling and texting each other. It's the perfect way to learn more about a new relationship. In fact, it's helpful when you're trying to set a new date.

You'll be able to talk about your interests while also getting to know the details of each other's lives. Making an effort to talk to potential new partners is good for your relationship. However, some people do have more time than others. If you're a busy professional, you probably don't have a few hours a day to text and chat. Just know that you should try to communicate to keep the spark. If you don't fan the flame, then it will eventually go out.

Your relationship, if you still want to call it that, is in its infancy. It needs nourishment and communication is the best food. Getting to know each other is often fun. Don't be afraid to flirt and enjoy more information about your date. Over time, you will feel more connected to this person. When you do have time together, you will be able to make the most of it.

Spending time together doesn't necessarily mean you have to go on a formal date. You can hang around as much as you want without much impact. It could be as simple as taking your date home from get off work suddenly. Or it could be a small planned lunch that you don't think of as a formal date. Try to keep in touch and you may find your relationship grows exponentially.

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