Top Ten Tips to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

Last updated: Sep 1, 2022
Top Ten Tips to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

Ten suggestions for men on how to stand out on dating websites

It's time to enhance your profile if you want to attract more qualified matches and stand out from the other men using online dating services. Let's discuss how to go about doing that.

Here are our top ten suggestions for men on how to stand out on dating websites.

 1. Do not take group photos

For the majority of individuals, group photos in the first photograph that obscure who you are are frequently an immediate "no." To give folks a better idea of how you appear at glance, start with your greatest single photo.

Who is who is a game that nobody wants to participate in. Make it simple and eliminate the guessing. However, if you must add a group photo, place it at the end so that people will probably recognize you. 

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2. Get Matched Lay out your goals

If you have any specific requirements for relationship or a date, include them in a brief remark. Take the informal method, for instance, "let's go for a hike then get beers after." Trying to sound more serious? Consider using the phrase "I'm not into the whole friends with benefits thing." I'd like to take you on a real date. 

The phrase "I want to get married" could turn folks away. We'll talk about long-term relationship goals on date two or at the appropriate time.

3. Show off who you are.

Be yourself. I don't want to say that because that advice is so cliché, but be yourself. Seriously.

Your profile is an opportunity for you to promote yourself and attract dates. You're more likely to draw individuals who like you for YOU and not some idealized picture you're attempting to be if you open up about who you really are, including your lifestyle, musical preferences, and sense of humor.

4. Get Matched demonstrates your sense of humor

This is a challenging one. While demonstrating your ability to be entertaining and humorous, you should avoid becoming overly snarky or excessive. Although humor is wonderful, you don't want to come off as joking.

Think about including a one-liner that will make the reader grin or including a humorous image. If you're unsure about what to include, use your best judgment here or consult a buddy.

5. Highlight your interests.

You boost your chances of matching with others who have similar interests to you by include your hobbies in your profile, whether in text or a photo. Do you enjoy hiking? Post a picture of yourself on the summit of a mountain you recently scaled. Do you like doing crafts or sipping on gourmet drinks?

Post a picture of your most recent creation or state in your bio that you desire to visit a nearby brewery. Just refrain from posting photographs of you fishing or hunting unless you love doing that. However, be aware that many women may be put off and view it as a deal-breaker). 

6. Send a collection of images

This includes selfies, natural poses, full-body shots, and even a friend's photo as well. You may prevent cat-fishing anyone by demonstrating how you truly look from various perspectives and in various settings.

But put quality first. Clear, high-resolution images should be used throughout. You probably need to take new, better photos if you're posting fuzzy, filtered pictures or grainy pictures with camcorder timestamps from the 1990s.

7. Complete as many fields as possible.

So many males leave their profiles empty or minimal. This leaves little room for matches to initiate conversation, especially if you're using a dating service like Bumble where women initiate contact. 

Put some work into it! It conveys your concern. The majority of dating apps include opportunities for you to post details about your hobbies, occupation, and interesting facts. By completing these, individuals will have the chance to start more interesting conversations with you after you match, which can result in better companions and dates.

8. Introduce yourself sincerely

A bio space is given to you for a reason. Employ it! Please introduce yourself to the reader. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your profession, your hobbies, and the kinds of apps you're looking for.

But be careful not to go overboard. Leave out the reasons you and your ex split up and your childhood trauma. Once you match, write a paragraph or a few lines about yourself, leaving some mystery to be revealed in the DMs or during a date.

9. Request a friend's opinion on your profile.

Although expert advice on how to enhance your dating app profile is available online, it is not really tailored to you. Lean on your pals for support, especially those who share your interests in the same gender or genders.

Request feedback on how to enhance your profile from a reliable source. Ask them whether they think everything looks good and if it portrays you well. Because they are familiar with you, they will be able to provide you sincere guidance. Friends are for things like these! 

10. If necessary, connect to third-party platforms

You can connect to third-party services like Spottily and Instagram through some dating apps. Connect with them to inform possible matches about your lifestyle and musical preferences.

Additionally, integrating these account swill demonstrate that you are a real person with a presence online. Being less likely to come off as false or a catfish as a result is always a positive thing.

To sum up

These pointers should assist you in making your dating profile stand out. Try these concepts out and see how they work.Good luck.