Top 10 Ways for Handling Discrimination on Online Dating

Last updated: Sep 8, 2022
Top 10 Ways for Handling Discrimination on Online Dating

These are ten strategies will help you handle discrimination and disappointment on dating apps.

Let's call one of my friends Matt. Matt isa handsome Asian man with a successful profession in the aerospace sector. He is friendly, active, wonderful in social situations, and has his feet firmly planted. Given some of his profile images, Matt appears to be professionally successful and is of above-average height. Most people would say he's a catch.

Unfortunately, Matt's experiences with dating apps haven't always been great. He has experienced discrimination, primarily due to his race.

Matt related to me an instance in which he met a woman through a swipe-based dating app. Matt took the initiative and started the conversation with a humorous, distinctive, and tailored to her profile opener. Soon after, she said, "Sorry, you're not my type. "Matt, who was curious to learn more, questioned, "How so? You've hardly had a chance to get to know me. Her reaction? I don't like Asians.

She had first swiped right, which was terrible because it gave him the opportunity to contact and engage with her. On top of that, Matt was really perplexed and demoralized by the entire experience after sending the "I'm not into Asians" message.

The incident of my friend Matt is only one instance of the discrimination and disappointment you could come across on dating Apps or websites. Other common topics include things like height, body type, money, religion, having kids (or not having kids), and the list goes on.

Technology has increased accessibility, convenience, profusion, and—face let's it—fun in dating, but it has also made dating more difficult than ever before, which frequently results in unpleasant feelings.

What are the useful strategies to handle discrimination and disappointment on dating apps?

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1. Keep in mind the complexity of abundance.

Even the most well-liked dating apps occasionally give us the impression that there are countless possible companions. While it may seem like an eternity, you can swipe on possible partners without ever getting to the bottom of the pool. You are thus:

Consider yourself *actually* in contact with all of those people, possibly to boost your ego.

Significantly less tolerant because you are aware that the individual you swiped left on was followed by a large number of others.

"You're never more than a swipe away." But at what point does someone's dismissal become too simple?

Keeping in mind the complexity of abundance can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

2. Recognize that some individuals mindlessly match.

I've actually seen friends of mine mindlessly swipe or match with little to no context! Since "it's a numbers game, and I will make the decision when we match," my friend will literally swipe right on every single profile they view. Knowing this could reduce some of your expectations for a potential match. When you match, try not to get your hopes up because you don't know if they've put as much time and thought into their choosing process as you have.

Recognizing some mindlessly match can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

3. Recognize that you're more than just a profile.

We are limited in the number of photos we may upload and the number of words we can use in our online dating profile descriptions. None of which will ever truly describe who you are! That distinctive "special-sauce" that gives your personality its complexity and nuance. Try not to take it so personally if you aren't receiving the right matches. It might not be as much about you as it is about how your profile portrays you. So, consider it a potential chance to update your profile.

Online dating has allowed people to quickly "dismiss" someone in a way that doesn't happen in person, making the search for a spouse online a little more efficient. This is in addition to the simplicity of feeling shielded by the imagined security of your smartphone. When it comes to your interactions with other users on these apps, this can quickly morph into coming across as impolite and careless. So how should we approach this?

 Recognizing that you're more than just a profile can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

4. You shouldn't rely only on online dating.

Online dating is great, and I personally met my wife on Twitter, but it shouldn't be your main method of meeting people. Online dating should be used in addition to your other efforts. 

Relying solely on online dating to meet people is one of the biggest mistakes I observe individuals making. Your prospects of finding a companion would be all but nonexistent if that platform disappeared or failed to produce results.

You should meet potentials offline as well to actually maximize your possibilities. You will become less reliant on online dating services as a result, which will boost your long-term self-esteem and provide you more dating possibilities. Are you reluctant to approach and engage with potential dates? Learning how to meet someone in person can be done in a variety of ways.

Not relying on online dating can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

5. Choose a new platform.

You don't really need to be on that app just because "everyone else is," though. In my experience, smaller, more targeted apps have been more successful than larger ones in helping my clients locate their significant others. Where they were interacting with people the most determined where they would succeed. Keep in mind that there are dating apps for every sort of person. Where you experience discrimination in one app, you are completely attractive in another. When looking for an app that suits you, have patience.

In Matt's situation, he would want to think about checking out Asian dating services in the USA.

Choosing a new platform can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

6. Recognize preferences as opposed to discrimination.

It's crucial to understand the distinction. Unfortunately, it can seem more discriminatory to someone on the receiving end when someone checks preferences or preferences on their dating profile. But keep in mind that people are picking their "perfect" match, which nearly usually reduces the pool to a very small percentage. Dating apps offer you the impression that the "perfect" partner is actually there, and as a result, you act in accordance with that notion. Your "hyper-scrutiny" will inevitably provide subpar online results.

Recognzing preferences as opposed to discrimination can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

7. Keep in mind that dating is not personal.

People are choosing their preferences, therefore if you're interested in that person, I'd advise you to ignore this. The world does not always reflect our preferences. You might not wind up being attracted to the person you choose on a dating app in person.

My wife never communicated with men who were younger than her when she used online dating services. Yet everything changed when I arrived. We've been dating for about 11 years, and I'm almost 4 years younger than she is. So once more, don't take it personally and don't let someone's outward preferences stop you from going after them!

Dating is a difficult emotional journey, but if you stick with it, you'll meet the one who genuinely loves you. Enjoy your adventure to meet them because they are out there!

Keeping in mind that dating is not personal can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

8. Recognize your support system.

I can assure you from working with literally thousands of clients that Matt's situation isn't unique in the slightest. Asian men, like Matt, are consistently shown to be less desirable than men of other races by websites like OkCupid, which has been publishing data about racial discrimination on dating services. Black women and men are included at the bottom of the list. And little has changed even after an additional ten years of data.

Recognzing your support system can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

9. Continue making yourself known.

My friend Matt wouldn't have his current girlfriend, who is fairly wonderful, if he had given up after this discouraging event. They really met on a different dating app that was more about connecting than swiping.

Continuing making yourself known can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

10. Investigate a dating app that demands more work.

All of the more well-known dating apps and websites demand a little more scrutiny of the profile side, so people who use them are making a little more of an effort. We've discovered that friendships made through websites like those on our list have a tendency to feel a little more intentional. But that doesn't mean you can't find love on some of the other, more well-known applications.

Investigating a dating app that demands more work can be one strategy of handling discrimination of online dating.

Final Reflections

There will be times of disappointment in anything worthwhile, and dating is no different. The secret is to remain resolute in the face of uncertainty and keep your focus on what you've committed to, which is a lasting, loving relationship.