Top 10 Things to Think About Before Drinking on a First Date

Last updated: Sep 8, 2022
Top 10 Things to Think About Before Drinking on a First Date

You recently met someone on a dating app, and you're now debating whether to drink on your first date. If so, you should first have a look at this list.

When it comes to going out on dates, we're all quite aware with general etiquette. But what about drinking on dates? This may be a little bit of a gray area for some.

You recently met someone on a dating app, and you're now debating whether to drink on your first date. If so, you should first have a look at this list.

1. It's not necessary.

Let's get one thing straight: going out on a fantastic date does not require drinking. In actuality, I have stopped drinking. Although this is a personal decision that is solely up to you, it need not influence how you approach the date. While arranging plans, if you're inquisitive about your date's drinking habits, you might bring it up in conversation by saying, "I know this amazing restaurant/bar that has great cuisine and even better beverages! What beverage is your go-to?

I never thought someone not drinking was a deal breaker when I was drinking. Although drinking and socializing for me went hand in hand, the latter was ultimately more significant. On the other hand, several of my friends might see this as a deal-breaker. Make sure you agree with and support whatever decision your date or you have made regarding drinking.

It's not necessary to drink on first date.

2. Just how much is enough?

You're currently on a date and attempting to determine the appropriate amount. Well, that calls for some reflection.

Nobody knows you as well as you do. This certainly holds true for your tolerance to alcohol. Only you can decide if that tequila shot will make you feel looser or have you running down the street before the night is done. Think about the potential effects of various beverages or even just alcohol in general:

Does alcohol put you to sleep? Will you appear uninterested to your date and make them wonder if you're interested in them? Will that vodka shot lead to you confessing your feelings for your newly met date? How much is excessive?

How much enough of drinking on first date.

3. Select beverages with lower alcohol content.

I usually advise my drinking clients to have something with a lesser alcohol concentration, like beer, or something that must be sipped and isn't as easily chugged, like an Old Fashioned.

Pacing is crucial while dating – it's vital to pace conversations, intensify physical contact, and yes, pace your drinking! You need to be extremely tuned in to pick up on all the proper signs, which may be harder to do if you're drinking heavily and quickly.

And if we're being sensible, no more than two drinks are recommended.

Select beverages with lower alcohol content when drink on first date.

4. Pre-gaming may be risky.

Do you enjoy practicing before dates? Well, that's potentially risky ground. 

Nervousness before a date is common. I'm referring to that "I can't decide what to wear after trying on three different outfits" feeling that causes you to pace around your living room and tap your feet. Undoubtedly, your date is experiencing it as well.

There is research indicating that a little less than half of "first daters" consume at least one drink before they meet up with their date because pre-date nervousness is such a common occurrence.

Sometimes we believe that taking a quick shot will make everything better. But occasionally, because we're still feeling nervous, we don't realize that it'll take a while for the shot to take effect. The next thing you know, the ground is shifting beneath you as you arrive at your date feeling somewhat tipsy or worse (believe me, I've been there).

Pre-gaming may be risky when drinking on first date.

5. The initial moments are critical.

I discuss all the events that go place during the first few minutes of your date with my clients. You should be primed and prepared to notice these cues because they have a big impact on how your first date turns out. If you're inebriated, you might not be as alert to notice these indications.

Therefore, what was once an attempt to get over your date jitters could now be an impediment to developing chemistry and attraction with your date as a whole.

Additionally, given that you'll probably drink MORE throughout the date, this could exacerbate the issue. I therefore suggest that you refrain from pregaming before your date. Take advantage of your apprehensive or eager state by being more conversational and hyper aware of the cues your date is giving you. Furthermore, they are also feeling the anxiety, believe me.

In fact, since you're both feeling anxious, pointing it out during the date can help you both relax. You might even laugh together to break the ice.

The initial moments are critical when drinking on first date.

6. Keep in mind the 2-Drink limit.

According to research, each individual on a date typically has two drinks. Do you recall the two-drink limit I mentioned earlier? This is partly attributable to timing (the average first date lasts about 2 hours). The conversation on your date should be lively if everything is going well. So much so that drinking ought to be put on the back burner. Pay attention to how quickly your date is drinking because it may be a hint of good things to come if they are taking their time. Even attempt to drink at the same rate as they do, provided it's a reasonable rate. 

What happens if they drink quickly? It's probably because they're anxious, so don't stress about keeping up with them and instead put more effort into making a relaxing environment for them.

Keep in mind the 2-Drink limit when drinking on first date.

7. Follow the current.

If everything goes well on your date and the drinks keep coming, go along with it (to the extent that it suits you), but be cautious. When you're first dating someone, try your best to maintain your composure; don't let the lighthearted shot-taking interfere with that. If things are going well, make sure they stay that way because first dates and dating in general may be unpredictable! Someone who knows how to maintain self-control while having a wonderful time has a certain allure.

Follow the current when drinking on first date.

8. Follow your moral convictions.

There's nothing wrong with canceling the date and keeping the enjoyment for the next time you two get together if you feel like things are potentially growing too rapidly (in a bad way), which will happen since you two are liking one another enough to want to keep things going!

If you have problems connecting on a first date, keep in mind that drinking won't make you into a completely different person, but it can have negative effects if done irresponsibly. This is one of several methods you can use to find, attract, and establish a committed relationship with a good partner.

Follow your moral conversations when drinking on first date.

9. You won't always share a drink.

Here is something that frequently occurs with my clients: all of their first, second, and even third dates revolve on drinking or the possibility of drinking. Then, out of nowhere, they find themselves on a daylight hiking date, and they panic. They no longer have alcohol as a crutch to loosen them up, make them more smart, humorous, etc.

You shouldn't require booze to transform you into someone you aren't already. There will be a point where you must fully embody who you are. Make sure that individual doesn't significantly differ from how you have previously portrayed yourself. How do you make that happen? On the early dates, cut back on your drinking.

You won't always share a drink when first date.

10. You're more likely to choose wisely.

We are all aware of how drinking can affect our inhibitions and judgment. Even while not all decisions made when under the influence of alcohol are negative ones, there is a possibility that you might choose to go against your better judgment.

Recall what I said about pacing? Alcohol can speed up the process, and while it might seem like the perfect choice at the time, it might potentially harm your relationship. Making decisions with the future in mind will be simpler the more composed your mind is.

You're more likely to choose wisely when drinking on first date.

Final Reflections

If you choose to drink or not, how you act on dates will always determine whether they want to see you again. Using your drinking responsibly will go a long way toward getting that second date.