Top 10 Techniques for Spotting and Avoiding Online Dating Scams

Last updated: Sep 15, 2022
Top 10 Techniques for Spotting and Avoiding Online Dating Scams

How do you know if a dating site is legitimate and not simply a collection of scammers aiming to empty your bank account. Here are some tips to help you avoid using a phony dating site.

The trend of online dating has made it easier for singles to meet. To meet the demand, dating websites are continuously cropping up. This means that singles have lots of options and opportunities.

However, some of the best dating sites have a better reputation than others, and a fraudulent dating site is one thing you should watch out for. Typically, this refers to a fake website with fake user profiles set up just to take your money. The website will entice you, receive your funds, and then abandon you when you are broken and undoubtedly single.

There are many reliable dating websites, but there are also numerous phony ones. How do you know if a dating site is legitimate and not simply a collection of scammers aiming to empty your bank account? Here are some tips to help you avoid using a phony dating site:

how to avoid dating scams

Step 1: Pick a location with safety precautions in place.

A scam site won't provide much protection, but legitimate dating services ought to provide a range of security safeguards to keep you safe. For instance, some websites employ profile verification to confirm individuals are who they claim to be. Additionally, it has developed Insignia, a new authentication method that offers an additional layer of protection against romance scammers posing as U.S. military personnel.

Pick a location with safety precautions in place can help avoid dating scams.

Step 2: Read the writing on the wall.

If you look at the terms and conditions of fraudulent websites, you'll discover that they explicitly mention that they create profiles and occasionally contact you from false profiles. Any website that generates profiles is blatantly and obviously engaging in this fraud. Millions to hundreds of thousands of real people sign up for and use legitimate dating websites every day. They don't require making profiles. So be wary of this obvious red flag. Although it can be laborious to read through terms and conditions, even a cursory glance could end up saving you time and money.

Read the writing on the wall can avoid dating scams.

Step 3: Watch out for overly idealistic profiles.

A dating site is likely a hoax if every member is stunning, toned, and nearly perfect. People aren't perfect, it's a fact. Everyone has imperfections, and not everyone is as attractive as a supermodel. You can probably trust them to be if the profiles you are looking at all seem too wonderful to be true. However, this is not to mean that there aren't any exceptionally handsome men and women using reliable dating sites. However, you're undoubtedly sorting through a fake if you're seeing tens or even hundreds of these Barbie doll accounts.

Watch out for ideal profiles can avoid dating scams.

Step 4: Have an open mind towards flooded inboxes.

After creating your profile on the dating website, you quickly receive a message in your email. Nice! To receive a message that quickly, you must be a fairly appealing catch, right? You may have accidentally joined a fake dating site, although that is more likely (this is true for gay dating sites as well). It's likely that the attractive woman or muscle-bulging man who IMed you is a bogus profile that is being controlled by the site owner or employees.

Consider who is contacting you and whether the message makes sense. Within a short period of time, are you inundated with emails? Do gorgeous ladies approach you on their own volition? While these aren't absolute proof that the website is a fraud, they are clearly red flags. Before you commit, look into these profiles more.

Being open-minded towards flooded boxes can avoid dating scams.

Step 5: Take note of secondary motives. 

Without understanding a little bit about someone, most people wouldn't immediately leap into bed with them. Discover the person's character, see if you share any interests, and most importantly, make sure they aren't a psychopath! This is even more true when dating online than when meeting someone in person, when you at least have the option of making sure they are who they claim to be.

Be on the lookout for those who want to get close to you too quickly, whether it's via meeting up for a hookup, engaging in phone sex, or exchanging explicit photos. It's not necessarily a fraud if this is the case. On other sites, it can even be standard procedure. But at the very least, it's something to be cautious of.

When in doubt, you may always perform a simple online background search. Before you meet up in person, get to know the person who is hiding behind the profile.

Knowing your motives can avoid dating scams.

Step 6: Withhold personal and financial information. 

Even when using a reputable dating site, this is a crucial piece of advice. There will always be individuals willing to steal your money and flee. Even after you've spoken to someone a few times on a dating website, never divulge any personal information.

One popular tactic used by con artists is to become good friends with an unwary single person before telling them a depressing tale about how they lack money, their mother is ill, they can't pay for the medicine, etc. Almost anything to entice you to send them money. Avoid falling for that.

Your personal info can avoid dating scams.

Step 7: Use your matches slowly.

Real relationships grow over time. Avoid jumping into things too quickly and watch out for anyone who tries to push you into the fast lane in the beginning of the relationship.

When you meet someone in person, it's frequently because you have something in common, like going to the same school or having a mutual acquaintance set you up. You should give yourself a little more time to let trust develop in the online dating world because there isn't much context to go on. Spend some time enjoying the natural progression of your two becoming in love. They might be acting dishonestly if they push you beyond your comfort zone, and even if not, they're probably not the ideal person for you.

Using your matches slowly can avoid dating scams.

Step 8: Track how your recommendations are accepted. 

It's a sad fact that many people who use online dating—and women in particular—have experienced online harassment. Most dating sites provide you the option to report bad behavior and block offending people.

Pay attention to how the report was received if you've ever had to make one. The responsiveness of a dating site, or really, any organization at all, can be used to determine its validity. It is reasonable to think that the website doesn't have the best interests of its users at heart and should be avoided if you discover that your complaints have been disregarded or that individuals you've reported still harass you.

Tracking how your recommendations are accepted can avoid dating scams.

Step 9: Ask around.

Use the crowd to your advantage. Your friends and coworkers probably have experience with online dating and can provide some helpful suggestions. Ask your friends whether they have any knowledge of a website you are contemplating if you have any doubts. Did they find it enjoyable? They're they at ease? Was the cost worthwhile? The online dating experience can differ greatly from person to person, but other people's experiences, particularly if you spot a pattern, can be an excellent yardstick for judging the legitimacy of a dating website.

Asking around can avoid dating scams.

Step 10: Start with a free trial.

Many online dating sites let you utilize the service without having to pay for a membership. A free trial may only offer a little amount of access, but it may be sufficient for you to assess whether the users seem legitimate, and the site seems trustworthy. If you must sign up with a credit card, be sure to read the fine print beforehand and set a reminder to cancel the subscription before your free trial period expires.

Trying free trial can avoid dating scams.


A fantastic technique to make new friends is through online dating. It can be rewarding and even transformative if you do your research and keep an eye out for warning signs. The larger dating sites have many safeguards and rules in place to keep you safe, but some of the smaller ones might not be. Therefore, before you shell out for a full membership, do your homework, get feedback from others, and sign up for a free trial. There are several trustworthy websites that can assist you in finding love and friendship without taking advantage of you. Follow the advice above to finally find what you're looking for.