Top 10 Covid-Safe Ideas for Valentine’s Daydates

Last updated: Sep 1, 2022
Top 10 Covid-Safe Ideas for Valentine’s Daydates

For you and your long-term partner — or new boo — to enjoy this Valentine's Day, here are 10 enchanting and COVID-safe date ideas.

Despite the fact that the COVID-19  epidemic is still very much a reality, both new and established couples still want to celebrate Valentine's Day. What can you do, then, to remain secure and enjoy yourself this year?

For you and your long-term partner — or new boo — to enjoy this Valentine's Day, here are 10 enchanting and COVID-safe date ideas.

 1. Compose love notes to one another.

If you and the other person have only recently begun dating, this date idea can be a little dangerous. Writing each other love notes, though, could be a lovely way to remember and honor the holiday if you have been dating for at least a few months (extra points if you two have already said "I love you").

 This is a fantastic approach to express your feelings about them and your connection while also solidifying your tie.If you don't have the best interpersonal communication skills, especially in person, writing down your feelings and having them read them in the safety of their house or another room in your apartment can still help you communicate your feelings without any awkward word vomit!

 Not sure where to start? Here are some starting points for your writing:

 List your top five favorite aspects of your union in writing.

  • What I adore about you most is...
  • I want you to know something that I've never told you before, which is...
  • You can mail your letters once you've both finished writing them or exchange them in person.

 2. Reserve a romantic retreat for the evening.

If you have additional cash to spare an dare seeking adventure, think about planning a romantic excursion or a local stay cation for the night. For a day, the two of you might be able to escape the pressures of daily life and simply enjoy each other's company in the comfort of your own little retreat.

 To find out what cabins, spas, or private rental spaces are available in your area, check out the Airborne app or a well-known hotel or travel website like Expedia or Hot wire. If you're feeling particularly daring, you might possibly travel an hour or two away from your house to become completely alone and away from any distractions that would arise if you stayed close by.

 3. Enroll in a cooking course online.

Particularly on Valentine's Day, cooking and dining together can be a romantic activity that deepens your relationship.You can prepare something quickly using the supplies already in your fridge,buy groceries for a special dinner, or place an order for takeout like sushi or heart-shaped pizza pies. But instead of ordering or producing the same item over and over again, why not enroll in a virtual cooking class?

 This will be an entertaining method to compete with or support one another in the kitchen. Your well-earned reward will be a delicious home-cooked supper that you can share in person or via a Zoom or Face time conversation after all of your hard work!

 Bonus: Prepare a decadent chocolate cake,chocolate-covered strawberries, or any seductive dessert later.

 4. Engage in a private card game.

What better approach to get to know one another than to pose questions that elicit open and honest dialogue? You may play a private card game that conducts the research for you rather than straining to come up with original, thought-provoking questions yourself!

 Each player selects a number of question cards from a deck of cards in a game like We're Not Really Strangers.

 WILDCARD: Pose a query that you'd be hesitant to utter. You wouldn't dare ask about something.

Just how are you doing?

In one word, how would you sum up the experience of being in love?

What have you learned from your worst heartbreak?

These games can lead to some really in-depth discussions. It might surprise you how much you discover about your date and how much closer you get to them after playing.

 5. Attend a drive-in film.

For new or established couples, going to a drive-in movie theater is a wonderful Valentine's Day date idea. This is due to the fact that drive-in movies tend to be informal but can also be as romantic as you want them to be, depending on how you approach it.

 While watching whatever is on the big screen, you can bring food like popcorn or chocolate-covered strawberries,recline your seats, and warm up under a blanket. A bottle of wine may also be a nice touch if you can find a friend who will come pick you up later to drive you home.

 6. Check out a museum

Consider visiting a nearby museum if you want to spend your romantic getaway learning or sightseeing with your companion.

 Consider traveling into the city to the Museum of Sex if you reside in New York. Otherwise, you can explore a variety of museums across the nation with changing exhibits with your date. Simply do in a fast Google search for museums in your neighborhood along with any additional terms that may be of interest to you (such as history, art, nature, space,etc.), and you and your companion may spend the day exploring the various rooms.

 7. Take a trek

Are you trying to find anything to make your blood pump? Go on a hike all day long with your date! It will feel good to get some fresh air, and being outside will keep you safe from COVID. However,if wearing a mask will make you feel more comfortable, do it for your own safety and health as well as to protect your face from the cold winds at high altitudes.

 Stay outside until the sun sets if it's not too chilly where you live, or if you two are prepared to dress warmly and carry flashlights. So, from the tops of the mountains, you may see a stunning sunset or a starry sky.

 8. Build vision boards.

Pick up some large cork boards, pins, and tape from the local craft store, as well as some of your favorite vintage publications and images. You can individually create your own vision board together or over a video conference, including goals for the upcoming year such as finding your dream career, a new home, or adopting a pet.

 This will not only unleash your creative sides but may also spark discussions on what you two want to get out of life both now and in the future. What could be more romantic than making plans for the future? Who knows, though? Even discussions about how to start a life-together and what that may entail could result from this.

 Top 10 COVID-safe Ideas for Valentine's Daydates

9. Skate on the ice.

An outside date might be more alluring if you and your date haven't gotten to know each other all that well yet. A wonderful date suggestion is to go ice skating, which may result in you falling either for your partner or for the ice.

 If you hold hands and skate around the ice together, this Valentine's Day date idea can be quite sweet. It's casual enough to not feel too stuffy. If nothing more, it might just serve as a humorous reminder of a bad date you ever had with a person you met through a dating app.

 However, this isn't just for those who have recently begun dating. Ice skating is great for long-term relationships too!Regardless of how long the partners have been speaking, this strategy could work well for them all.

 10. Sit beside a fire and see the stars.

Spend the night with your date by a fire if you have access to a backyard, rooftop, or local beach that permits bonfires.S'mores can be roasted for a snack as you settle up in some sweatpants and blankets, and you can share a kiss under the stars. Talk about your aspirations, objectives, and anything else that's on your mind as the sparks fly.

 Some cabins and beach locations will already have fire pits and the ingredients for s'mores, so you can always fallback on date idea number two (a vacation) if all else fails. In order to add more romance and pleasure, you might mix two date ideas into one.

 11. Create Your Plans

There are numerous ways to spend Valentine's Day in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of whether you recently found someone on Zoosk or Match who you intend to take out this year or you and your spouse have been together for some time.

 Don't panic if you haven't found somebody to date this year. It's still possible. You can sign up for one of the top online dating sites available and begin corresponding with a special someone as soon as possible. If you do that right away, you still have time to find someone to go on one of these romantic date ideas on this day of love. If not, reward yourself with one of these dates. Valentine's Day is also a day for single individuals and self-love.