Tips for Dating in Your 30s

Last updated: Sep 2, 2022
Tips for Dating in Your 30s

Some dating advice for those in their 30s, as well as some tips on how to use dating websites to find both love and other things in life.

As you get older, a lot of things change, and our love relationships are no exception. When compared to dating in your20s, dating in your 30s is quite different. As we age, many of us begin to feel more assured, certain of our goals, and unwilling to compromise.

Once they enter their 30s, a lot of people start thinking more about dating in terms of finding the one, getting married, and having kids.

In their 30s, many people don't know who they are or where their lives are going, and as people get married later and later in life, this is becoming more and more true. So, whether you're dating in your 30s and still single or trying to figure out who you are in relationships, don't worry. There is yet time. In fact, a lot of people today get married in their 40s and beyond. 

Here is some dating advice for those in their 30s, as well as some tips on how to use dating websites to find both love and other things in life. 

Is Dating in Your 30s Tough?

When compared to dating in your 20s, is dating in your 30s harder? It certainly can be harder for some people because of the extra strain of wanting to settle down and start a family. People who have these objectives might date more selectively, which results in fewer matches, and they might have an urgency that makes it more stressful when things don't work out.

For those who belong to this group, it can be beneficial to broaden your perspective and understand that, even if you don't find love by the time you're 40, you can still have relationships with wonderful people in the interim and find great satisfaction in other areas of your life. Additionally, life is long, so you still have plenty of time to find the love of your life!

If having children is important to you, you might want to think about adoption, sperm banks, egg freezing, or conceiving a kid with someone other than your husband. In other words, there are choices, and placing a deadline on love may place undue pressure on it and cause it to distance itself. 

On the other hand, in their 30s, those who don't desire anything serious could have a harder time finding compatible partners. But they exist; all you need to do is be honest about what you want. Put your preferences clearly in your online dating profile to avoid wasting anyone's time. You might also want to be open to meeting individuals who are younger than you (or who are older and already have families).

Advice on Dating in Your Thirties

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Despite the difficulties that come along with it, dating in your 30s can result in some of the best experiences of your life. Making your dating profile stand out by using images that depict your greatest hobbies and interests and wording that precisely expresses what makes you distinct is one method to have more success dating in your 30s. When someone looks at it, the intention should be for them to immediately know what kind of date to ask you on.

When asking people out, especially if you're seeking for anything serious, you should also be confident. Spending hours conversing on an app is not something you should do. Plan a date as soon as possible after your first interaction on the app because meeting someone in person is the only way to determine whether you have long-term potential with them. If you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community and are confused of which apps to use, check out Zoosk, Elite Singles, or some of the finest gay dating services.

Putting yourself out there in real life is equally crucial. Even more so if you reside in one of the top dating cities, there are numerous options to meet people in person. Go out on your own to a pub or restaurant and start a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Don't live your life in front of a screen. Get used to approaching people and learn how to respond positively to rejection. It is an essential and common component of the game.

Why Some People Find It Better to Date in Their Thirties

When you're in your 30s, you may use the self-assurance you've developed over time to be brave, express your desires, and say, "Thank you, next!" as soon as you realize it's not a good fit. This self-assurance can improve dating in your 30s.

 Another benefit of dating in your 30s is that you have a strong sense of who you are and that your dates will probably have that same identity. Finding someone who is actually a match is more likely the more one understands about oneself. This explains why so many people marry in their thirties. The opportunity to experience love on a deeper level than ever before is now.

In Your 30s, How Long Should You Date Before Proposing?

When you're in your 30s and looking to establish a family, you could experience pressure to get engaged as soon as you discover someone who is compatible with you. But waiting another year or two is far preferable to taking the chance of having to break off a relationship or obtain a divorce. Three or more years of dating before getting engaged reduces the likelihood of divorce by 39%.

Despite this, there is no secret number. Those who marry after the age of 25 are less likely to divorce in the long term than those who experience love at first sight and immediately feel at home with someone. Just be sure to have the difficult discussions before making a long-term commitment regarding issues like values and future aspirations.

And keep in mind that, despite the notion that your 30s are the decade in which you are fully developed and self-actualized, it is very natural to continue stumbling, making errors, learning, and evolving during this period of your life.

 The good news is that you have your 40s,50s, and beyond to get even better at relationships.