Real Mature Singles Dating Site Review: Is This Site Worth Your Time?

Last updated: Oct 17, 2022
Real Mature Singles Dating Site Review: Is This Site Worth Your Time?

One way that a dating site can stand out is by catering to mature singles--those who are over 30 and perhaps even over 40! Read on to learn more about Real Mature Singles and see if this dating site is worth your time.

Here comes the real mature singles dating site review you should never miss! One of the most well-liked dating sites in the US for singles over 50 is MatureDating. We were shocked to see how big of a following the site has given that it has to compete with some serious rivals like SilverSingles and LoveAgain.

Because of this, we decided to conduct an in-depth analysis of MatureDating to find out what users like, dislike, and whether the website is actually worthwhile.

Here’s a real mature singles dating site review for you if you are an older single who is sick of wasting time on dating sites that don't offer much. We won't let you enter in the dark. Alternatively, we have all the details you require about the site's cost, features, stats, usability, customer support, and much more!

real mature singles dating site review

About the site

According to this real mature singles dating site review, MatureDating provides exactly what it advertises, a simple way to meet local singles who are seeking committed relationships. Surprisingly, the site has a respectable selection of locals in smaller towns as well as a ton of locals in bigger cities.

The website has come under fire for a few years because of how many fake profiles it hosts. To prevent fake profiles, they have recently started using a verification process for their members. Using the site now feels even more secure as a result of this.

We think that MatureDating is definitely worth it when we consider all the benefits of the site and their pricing policy.

What is it?

In 1982, Mature Singles Only launched as an offline dating service. Since then, it has made a lot of effort to make sure mature daters have access to profiles of people who are similar to them. As a result, in order to register, you must be over 40. However, once you do, you'll have access to a nice selection of features. The website offers chat in addition to the more predictable features like messages, flirts, and favorites. There is even the option to check for astrological compatibility. You really have no excuse to reject Mature Singles Only because users are presented with potential matches every day.

How it works

This real mature singles dating site review also shares with you the features of this site which may have a general picture of how it works. MatureDating's features are kept to a minimum. They only provide a small number of essential and useful items for online dating. That's probably how they're able to give their members such low prices! Although helpful, these features are all only available to paid members. Check out the features to determine whether you think becoming a member is right for you.

Chat Room Access

Access to your chat is the main feature that is hidden behind the premium paywall. You can message and reply to as many users as you'd like when you purchase a full membership at MatureDating!

The chat feature is helpful because it provides a secure environment for you to communicate with matches without having to reveal any of your personal details.

Full-Size Images

Additionally, paid members have access to some tools that facilitate profile evaluation. To give you a better look, you can enlarge profile photos. To view the enlarged image if you are a paid member, simply click the picture!

Unlimited Searching Paid members have access to an unlimited number of member profiles to search. To stop spammers from upsetting users, free members are not afforded this luxury. As soon as your premium membership is active, you'll notice that your search results are expanded and that you have access to all search options.

Superior Filtering

The filtering system is one of the more sophisticated search features accessible to premium members. This enables you to exclude singles who meet certain requirements that are important to you. Whether it has to do with a person's physical characteristics, their religious beliefs, or their cultural heritage. Your time on the site will be much more enjoyable thanks to this feature because it will be simpler to find singles who interest you.

Premium Support Advanced support is available to premium members as well. As a result, questions are resolved much faster because your support tickets are constantly moved to the front of the line.

Share Photos and Videos In the premium chat room, premium members can also share photos and videos with their matches. This is a fantastic way to get to know your match and confirm that they are who they claim to be.

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real mature singles dating site review

Cost of membership

Use the following paid options to get the most out of the website. The Standard Six Months and Value Six Months packages each come with two levels of functionality. As a result, customers who choose the Value Six Months package, for instance, get full mobile access as well as message read notifications and the ability to highlight their profiles and messages. You can also decide to pay the full amount for a month and then renew after 30 days.

Pros and cons of this site

In this real mature singles dating site review, we have listed the pros and cons of this site: 


  • In all 50 states, there are a lot of singles available.
  • Those who live in rural areas can, if necessary, widen their search area.
  • Users seek meaningful relationships rather than casual hookups.
  • Many tools to aid in establishing conversations and getting to know users.


  • As they roll out their new verification feature, there are still some fake profiles on the website.
  • For many of the features that are offered, a paid profile is required.
  • Compared to some of the more well-known sites, there are generally fewer users.

Who should join? Follow this Real Mature Singles Dating Site Review Now!

After reading this real mature singles dating site review, you must can’t wait to join this site. MatureDating registration is very easy. Simply click on our link to access the website and register for free. Join now: MatureDating

If you don’t know how to sign up in this site, follow this real mature singles dating site review You must then enter your name, email address, age, and sexual orientation. You must confirm your email address with the website before using it. However, until you are prepared to buy a premium membership, you are not required to upload photos or add more information.