MeetMe Dating Site: Why Meetme Is the Best Dating Site for Young People

Last updated: Dec 9, 2022
MeetMe Dating Site: Why Meetme Is the Best Dating Site for Young People

MeetMe is the perfect app for teens who don't feel like waiting around for their older peers to find their next partner.

Dating apps are nothing new. There are plenty of adults who use Tinder,, and a slew of other dating websites and apps to find their next relationship. But what about people who are still in high school? MeetMe is the perfect app for teens who don't feel like waiting around for their older peers to find their next partner.

What is MeetMe?

MeetMe dating site started out with unexpectedly modest beginnings. Siblings Catherine and David Cook, then 15 and 16, had the idea to replace the outdated print yearbook with a modern digital one in 2005. the creation of myYearbook, which would go on to employ over 100 people, secure $17 million in funding, boast over 20 million members and 1.2 billion monthly page visits, as well as generate $20 million in income. Not bad for a website started by high school students.

MyYearbook stood out from other social networking sites since it focused on assisting users in meeting new people, as opposed to adopting Facebook's strategy of linking friends who are already acquainted. MyYearbook's added benefit of social flash games also contributed to its increased popularity. MyYearbook kept adding new features like an instant chat client, a real-time stream, and mobile applications before changing its name to MeetMe in 2012.

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MeetMe dating site experienced greater success than ever after shifting its emphasis from helping users maintain relationships with old friends to assisting them in making new acquaintances. They underwent a significant revamp in 2017 and included live video streaming, which have since grown to be their most popular feature (and even helps the popular MeetMe members make some money by collecting Diamonds).

MeetMe dating site is a social networking site that strives to make meeting new people enjoyable. The procedure of signing up is simple, creating a profile moves quickly, and interacting with other members is enjoyable. Using MeetMe dating site feels like an entertaining diversion, in contrast to using more conventional dating sites, which may occasionally feel like a job. What's more, the majority of the features are free.

New members can register with their email addresses or sign in with their Facebook accounts to join. New users have the ability to post a profile photo and follow other people nearby after providing the bare minimum of information. After signing up, members can fill out their profiles with more specific information. Layouts (also known as themes) that can only be used if you subscribe to a MeetMe+ subscription are available for additional customisation.

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Members can pay for features on MeetMe dating site with credits. There are various ways to acquire credits. Although it may be bought, users can also earn Credits by carrying out specific tasks on the website. Playing games, corresponding, and locating Secret Admirers in Match are all ways to gain Credits. Users can access additional entertaining features and boosts on the website once Credits have been acquired.

Of course, MeetMe dating site isn't only about having fun and playing games. Additionally, there are the more fundamental search options one might anticipate on a social networking or dating website. You can try to find your Secret Admirers by using the Match tool to find people who fit a certain demographic or age range. To make new acquaintances in your neighborhood, use Locals. Participate in the discussion by using the Ask Me tool, which enables users to send and receive anonymous questions. Observe well-known users and enjoy their antics by viewing the Live Feed. Utilize the MeetMe iOS and Android apps to complete this task while on the move.

MeetMe dating site can be a match made in heaven if you're tired with the typical online dating experience and searching for something that ups the entertainment level.

Benefits of MeetMe

MeetMe dating site is very popular among young people.

These are the best parts of MeetMe dating site.

l Free to join

l iOS, Android, and Windows apps available in addition to the website

l Chat messages can be sent to and received from all members, regardless of their subscription status

l Can view live many different video streams and start your own one on one or one to many video stream

Is MeetMe Really Safe? 

MeetMe's overall safety rating is quite high. Although it is possible to block and report someone, the administration does not conduct background checks. New users, on the other hand, must verify their email address or social profile in order to join the site. MeetMe also has a one-of-a-kind feature called the SocialVerify Badge. It is used to verify profiles and remove bots. SocialVerify is completely free and requires only a connection to a Facebook account with at least 50 friends. 

The Technical Aspects of Security is COPPA Compliant (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant. The MeetMe framework is designed to prevent any children/teenagers under the age of 13 from using the site, making it more secure overall. 

Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns about the site's interface, you can consult the MeetMe knowledge base. It addresses the most frequently asked questions about account verification, privacy, credits, and so on. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your dating experience, you can request feedback from the MeetMe team.

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The Feature of MeetMe dating site 

MeetMe's desktop interface is pretty boring, but their apps have a couple of really good special features that show the company is focusing more on its mobile users.


If you want to start a conversation with someone but don't know how,'s Questions feature can help. Simply ask other users a question, and if they are interested, they can respond. Your identity is revealed only if the other user responds to your questions, which are sent anonymously.

Admirer Secret

Secret admirer is a fun game that allows users to meet new people while playing. The app notifies you that you have a secret admirer but does not reveal who it is. Instead, it displays several images of different users at the same time, and you must guess who they are. You have five guesses, and if you get it wrong, the secret admirer notification disappears.

Live MeetMe dating site

MeetMe's streaming service is available here. Users can go live and interact with their audience members. Viewers can like and send diamond gifts to streamers, which streamers can later convert into in-app credits or real cash.


QuickPick, which is available on the site's mobile app, is MeetMe's take on Tinder's swipe system. You are shown a picture of a random user and can express your interest or pass on to the next user. 

Integration with TikTok

To authenticate your MeetMe profile, you can now connect your TikTok account to your MeetMe account. Members can also view your TikTok videos from the app, allowing you to showcase your distinct personalities in a more comprehensive manner.



Join Meetme dating site to meet people now! MeetMe dating site’s users can communicate with their matches via unlimited chat. Members can tailor their search filters to find more potential partners. 

Users can also use the app's 'QuickPick' feature, which allows them to swipe on profiles that interest them. They can also start conversations by asking questions. Your identity is revealed only if the other user responds to your questions, which are sent anonymously.

Members can participate in a game called 'Secret Admirers,' which improves their dating experiences. They can go live on the app and interact with others. Members can browse profiles anonymously and use more search filters with a paid membership.