Love: What Is It?

Last updated: Sep 26, 2022
Love: What Is It?

Love are all components of a relationship. But what really is love, and how can you tell whether you're in love?

Friendship, sexual attraction, intellectual compatibility, and, of course, love are all components of a relationship. A partnership is held together by love, which serves as its glue. It's very much biological. But what really is love, and how can you tell whether you're in love?

Since everyone's understanding of true love can vary greatly, it is challenging to define. It's common for people to mix up lust, attraction, and companionship. As a result, there is no one perfect way to define love. But a concise definition of love is a strong sense of elation and passionate devotion for someone or something. It's possible that not all the feelings that make up what it feels like to be in love are covered by this definition or meaning of love.

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Is love a feeling? Yes.

Can a particular definition be given for an abstract emotion like love? possibly not. However, some phrases and deeds fit within the category of love while others do not. Love can be described as some actions. Contrarily, several other feelings and emotions can be mistaken for love, but individuals quickly recognize that they are not the same as pure love. Here's to learning more about love and its sensation.

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What is love exactly?

Making the shape of a heart with their hands, a man and a woman. Love is one of the most profound emotions anyone ever experience, if you want to sum it up in one line. It consists of both attraction and intimacy. Usually, we fall in love with the person with whom we feel the strongest attraction or closest proximity.

One of these people might be a friend, a parent, a sibling, or even a pet. Such a love is founded on an attraction or affectionate feeling.

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Defining several concepts of love?

There are many various kinds of love, thus there are many different ways to define it. Everyone's response to the question "What is love to you?" will vary depending on the particular connection. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, love is described as having strong feelings for a friend or a member of your family or liking another adult very much and being romantically and sexually attracted to them. Love can be interpreted in a variety of ways, though this is a more literal definition of the word.

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How would you sum up love?

Love is a feeling that is a combination of many different feelings. Love means giving yourself and others a chance, not rushing, being patient, being kind, not being envious, and not having expectations.

What then is love? You query. Although it has historically been employed as a noun, love is actually a verb. It is about what we do for others and the various ways we foster a sense of love and concern for those around us.

White couple holding the Bible in their hands "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you: continue in my love," Jesus said in John . Just as I have obeyed my father's commandments and have continued to be in his love, if you keep my commandments, you will continue to be in my love.

There is nothing more pure and holy than love, if you set boundaries and uphold them. Like God had established guidelines for us to follow, if we do so, he loves us completely and unconditionally. This is what "what is love" means. The Bible describes love as pure and pious.

But the first love addressed in the Bible is paternal love, not romantic love (Genesis 22.) It alludes to the selfless deeds that a parent is prepared to do for their child. The notion that love is an activity is also relevant here.

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Love in history

Love has undergone changes over the years and centuries, just like most other things in the world. Love wasn't always as we understand it today. When it comes to a union between two people back then, love was either secondary or even not a factor. Marriages, which are regarded as the culmination of a romantic relationship in several cultures and regions of the world, were typically transactional.

People choose whether or not to get married based on whether or not the union would benefit them financially and politically. However, if we examine artistic genres like poetry, it appears that people have been experiencing love for a very long period.

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What are the elements of love?

A comprehensive sensation, love. Love is defined by a variety of factors, expressions, and deeds. One extremely common question we may ask is, "What is love, and what isn't?"

What love means in a relationship is likely a common question. The components of love hold the solution.

1. Care

One of the fundamental components of love is care. If we love someone, we will be concerned about their feelings and general welfare. To ensure their welfare, we might go above and beyond and even compromise with or forego our own needs and desires in order to meet their requirements.


In relationships and in love, admiration is essential. One may admire someone for their physical appearance or even for their intelligence and character. An fundamental component of love is accepting another person's opinions and liking them for who they are on the inside and out.

3. Intent

Sexual, bodily, and mental desires are all present. Being around someone, wanting them, and simply wanting to spend more time with them are all components of the desire you experience when you fall in love.

4. What love is not

It's crucial to understand what love is not when we talk about the components of love and what love is. We frequently mistake other emotions or feelings for love, but eventually we come to the realization that the way we feel about a particular individual is not love.

5. Lust is not love

Despite the idiom "it was love at first sight," we don't always feel love. You know that intense need to be drawn to someone you just met, almost like a magnet? That is chemistry and infatuation. Mother Nature provides us a healthy amount of infatuation to initially bring us together.

Sexual chemistry is a part of love, but love is different since love is an emotion that takes time to develop. While love develops over time as you get to know the other person on the inside and out, lust can erupt in an instant.

6. Being in a relationship does not imply being in love.

Even if you have a strong sexual attraction to your spouse, it does not necessarily follow that you know what love really is. If you haven't built a solid foundation of love with your partner, you'll lose interest after the sexual chemistry fades.

7. Love takes time.

How do you describe a love or relationship? A loving relationship takes time to develop. It takes time for the strands of love to come together and form a solid connection.

Love can only grow when you and your spouse talk about your feelings, worries, dreams, and hopes. So be patient with love and trust the process. It needs to be respected and not rushed because it has its own schedule.

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Conclusion: A single sincere love

We talk of finding our soul mates, but people are capable of falling in love repeatedly. Thank goodness, else we wouldn't ever get over having a crush in high school or losing a relationship to a divorce or death.