Lines to Use to Make Online Dating More Fun

Last updated: Aug 24, 2022
Lines to Use to Make Online Dating More Fun

This article provide a list of funny and flirty opening lines to give you some ideas about making online dating more fun.

Lines to Use to Make Online Dating More Fun

The first impression is crucial when it comes to online dating, just like it is when meeting someone in person.

 On online dating, however, you can't get away with flirtatious looks and smiles like you can in real-life encounters;all depends on your initial statement.

 “Did it hurt when you dropped from heaven? “is a corny question that you may have heard if you've been using the online dating websites for a while.

 It's usually a good idea to start by asking someone questions about their profile because it demonstrates that you are a genuinely good looking and are not just using stock inquiries as openers.

 Your potential match might share your taste in music, video games, or travel destinations. These are all excellent places to start. You'll need to be a little more inventive if their profile is a little thin or if your interests don't align with theirs.


Lines to Use to Make Online Dating More Fun \

So how to make your online dating more fun? Here’s a list of funny and flirty opening lines to give you some ideas:

 Which song would you pick to serve as the life's soundtrack?

  • I'll try to determine which one is false if you tell me two truths and a lie about yourself.
  • What is your most divisive viewpoint?
  • Tell me about the ideal Sunday you had.
  • Your best dad joke is what I want to hear!The more cornier, the better; make me laugh/cringe.
  • You resemble [the celebrity they resemble]exactly. Do you frequently hear that?
  • Decide on a date: A film, a wild night out,or a hike?
  • Please assist me with making meal selections. After our date, I'll buy you breakfast as payment.
  • [With a gif of a dog or cat] dog or cat person? We need your response to see if we're a good fit.
  • You've been traveling a lot! What was your favorite location so far?
  • Using only emojis, tell me your life narrative.
  • What would I cook for you that would make you fall in love with me?
  • When did you move to [city]? What is your favorite place to eat, drink, or have fun around here?
  • [If you both reside in the same city] Hey,we're not that far apart! Have you ever visited a restaurant, bar, or day trip?
  • favorite actor, comedian, and singer? Go!
  • You caught my attention with [anything in their profile that stood out]...
  • Which of the following messages has the worst introductory phrase that you have ever heard?
  • What do you do initially when you win a million pounds?
  • When our grandchildren inquire as to how we met, what will we say?

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