Date on a Tight Budget? 10 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

Last updated: Sep 2, 2022
Date on a Tight Budget? 10 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

Finding less expensive solutions might be a creative way to branch out and try new things because the expense of dating can quickly up.

Finding less expensive solutions might be a creative way to branch out and try new things because the expense of dating can quickly up.

It's acceptable to date on a tight budget. There are so many enjoyable, meaningful activities to do with a special someone that don't cost a lot of money, despite the impression given by romance novels and movies that doing so requires expensive restaurants and gifts. Uncertain of how to do that Here are 10 easy ways to reduce the cost of your date night.

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1. Cook together

Make a night of cooking together rather than always meeting for supper at a restaurant. You can alternate between teaching each other your favorite dishes and going grocery shopping. Instead of spending the same amount of money or more on just one dinner, you'll save money and strengthen your relationship by working together to make something that will give you food to eat for several days.

Light a few candles on the table or pack up your food and have a picnic in the park to create the atmosphere of a romantic restaurant.

2. Create a Home Movie Theater

Although it may not have a large screenlike a movie theater, your living room most likely has a comfortable couch for cuddling. Additionally, the video can be paused at any time.

Watch a movie on Netflix, Amazon, or another website that offers entertainment for free or at a moderate cost while making popcorn as a group. 

3. Go for walks

Going on romantic walks together is one thing you can do with a lover that doesn't cost any money. A stroll along the beach or along a hiking route can be incredibly romantic, particularly if you go when the scenery is beautiful, like just before sunset.

 Another option is to go window shopping with a friend while strolling down a prominent street.

4. Serve drinks before dinner at home.

One of the largest costs that can mount up when you go out is alcohol. To save money, invite your date over for a glass of wine before going out to eat. Additionally, by doing this before you enter the restaurant, the discussion will be more likely to begin and continue naturally as you dine.

5. Choose Strategic Date Times

Make it a point to leave early to take advantage of discounted food and beverages. To locate something delectable and reasonably priced, search for happy hour offers at nearby eateries.

Additionally, if you want to take advantage of matinee discounts, think about seeing a movie in the afternoon.

6. Have a coffee date rather than a meal

The first encounter or two may typically involve getting lunch or supper, but if you're trying to save money, you can meet for coffee or tea instead.

If you haven't committed to eating the entire meal together, it is also simpler to get out of unpleasant dates. If you're not feeling it, a coffee date can quickly end in a matter of thirty minutes; no harm will be done. 

7. Search for discounts on nearby activities

Finding out what discounts you can get on enjoyable local excursions is always a good idea. This will enable you to take advantage of cheap events and activities like wine and painting nights, arcades, and cooking lessons. You can come up with date night suggestions while browsing coupons that you had never thought of before.

8. Attend a game night.

The cost of playing games with others is zero if you already possess them. Plan a night to play your favorite games, whether it's Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, or chess.

Since you might require more players, this can also be a terrific method to introduce a partner to your friends or family. Not a fan of tabletop games? Video game co-op can be equally as enjoyable.

9. Sign up for rewards programs

You may frequently join up for reward programs at cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, and other establishments you might visit on a date night so that you receive something for free after spending a particular amount of money there. Whenever you have the possibility to acquire free or cheap meals, drinks, and date-night activities, sign up for them.

10. Volunteer Together

Giving back to your community or going on a meaningful date don't cost any money. You can offer your time as a volunteer to clean up a beach, serve food at a soup kitchen, walk dogs at an animal shelter, and more.

You will both benefit from this bonding experience and be able to recognize the best in one another. According to a survey, 80% of those who indicated they had volunteered believed it had enhanced their love relationships.