Conversations on Online Dating Can Be Very Easy

Last updated: Aug 23, 2022
Conversations on Online Dating Can Be Very Easy

Some advices on how to spark an interesting conversation

So, the awkward "initial contact" stage of online dating is behind you. Congratulations, everyone is prepared to start working when you give them your first message and they respond! So, what should we do now? Talking to people you don't know well or who aren't seated across from you might be challenging. You want to appear witty and flirty but yet being taken seriously, clever, and reliable, right?

It's a pretty big task, using a few messages to get back and forth!  You know what's more difficult? It's that you don't yet know what their motivation is - not even if it's worthy to find……

If you find yourself stuck with a message and want some advice on how to spark an interesting conversation that tells you if the person is worth leaving, read on.

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1. Ask Questions

Give your spouse the chance to start chatting about "numero uno" since pretty much everyone enjoys doing so!  A certain technique to keep a discussion going online is to ask short, straightforward inquiries. The more they respond, the more material you have for discussion. Even better, by boosting their ego (even slightly), you've just scored some significant points.

You can use it to determine whether you have found a good match or not. You ask, "How so?" You can be reasonably confident they are self-absorbed and not in the slightest bit interested in learning more about you if they have asked you a ton of questions and have still not asked you the fundamentals. It's time to go.

2.  Be Sincere

It might be simple to embellish or downright lie to make yourself look better when messaging virtually anonymously. Never do it!  One, because it will be awkward if you ever meet, and two, because defects are normal (and even endearing); if you accept them, your partner will do the same.

Say, "I'm short, but what I lack in height, I make up for in over-confidence," if you're not proud of your height.

 Make a comedy out of your shortcomings that you can both enjoy; this will encourage them to disclose theirs as well, preventing any unpleasant surprises when you finally meet.

3. Start flirting

Flirting is enjoyable, but you must proceed more slowly when doing it online. Flirting too soon in an online discussion can be a major turn-off because your partner cannot see you or the signs you are conveying. Don't start chatting about adult toys or sending her "selfies" of yourself after a workout at the gym. Make sure your pre meet up communications have just a hint of snark.

Instead of asking them a lifeless inquiry like "what did you have for lunch?" go back to the good old questions. Give your inquiries a dash of flavor. When everyone knows that those who prefer dogs make better partners, why are you a cat person? Or flirtatiously make light of their responses.

Make sure not to overdo it. Pushing limit sex excessively early on destroys conversations faster than anything else (like being outright mean or vulgar).

4. Enquire about a shared passion. 

This is an age-old, reliable conversation starter. Inquire about the homework assignment if you're in the same class. Inquire about an upcoming club event if you both belong to the same club. This can naturally break the ice and provide the door for a deeper conversation.

As an example, try this: 

"Hey- I completely lost track of the English homework due today and neglected to write it down. Did you manage to obtain it?"

or this "Hey, when is our upcoming track meet? When the coach said it today at practice, I must have zoned out."

5. Give the person a compliment. 

It makes sense to give someone praise if they accomplish something deserving of it. Another fantastic method to introduce yourself and let the other person feel valued is by doing this. Be conservative with your compliments and avoid overdoing it to avoid coming across as flattering.

If your classes are together: "Your performance in today's presentation was excellent! I had no idea there was so much I didn't know about Ulysses S. Grant!"

If the two of you work as a team: "Good job in today's meet's 100-yard sprint. You truly made the squad depend on you."

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6. Pose a query. 

You probably don't have any real-life ties to discuss if you met someone on a dating website like OKCupid or a dating app like Tinder. Pose an open-ended query about the individual. 

[1] Use their profile as inspiration. 

[2] One instance is: "I see you enjoy hip-hop. A recent good show that you attended?"

Or: "Your beard is cool. When did you start growing that sucka?"

7. Use standard pickup lines with caution.

Pickup lines have the potential to backfire they may attract some people while repelling others. These phrases could sound corny or manipulative, especially if you didn't come up with them yourself. Try to appear sincere, and if it necessitates using a pickup line, go for it!

8. Attend to the discourse and participate in it.

Read attentively, and then answer. The key to conversation is to pick up on clues and build on what other people say. Be conscious of the topics being discussed and the direction the discussion is taking while you are speaking with the person.

Communicating with people online can be simpler than speaking with them in person in this regard. If you need to recall a specific aspect from the chat, you should be able to navigate back through it.