8 Signs Tell You Your Casual Relationship Is Turning Serious

Last updated: Sep 2, 2022
8 Signs Tell You Your Casual Relationship Is Turning Serious

Here are eight indicators that things are beginning to escalate into long-term spouse.

You should talk to someone about what you're each looking for before making things formal. It can be useful to be aware of the indications that things are moving in that direction prior to having that chat. That way, if you want a committed relationship, you'll know when to go forward.

It can be challenging to decide when and how to move from casual dating to a relationship, even while many people casually date with the goal of finding a compatible match and long-term spouse.

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Here are ten indicators that things are beginning to escalate.

1. You're getting that look from them

Sometimes it's obvious from someone's eyes that they are seeing you as more than just a buddy or a casual acquaintance. When someone is beginning to see you as a prospective new companion, they will look at you with an expression of affection and warmth. Perhaps when you are seated across from one another at a meal, their gaze will linger on yours, or perhaps when you part ways, they won't be able to look away from you. If you catch on to this and feel the same way about them, be grateful for the connection. The words can be saved for later.

2. You socialize more frequently than once every week

It's not a strict rule, but if you're seeing each other once a week or more, there's a good probability you really like each other and want to keep the relationship going. Consistent dates are a sign that you can start a conversation even if it doesn't necessarily guarantee that things will become official.

3. They've told their friends about you

Most people wait until they have grown to know and like someone before introducing them to their friends. If someone does this, they probably regard you highly enough to assume that their friends will feel the same way about you. When someone introduces you in this way, it could also indicate that they anticipate you joining their lives permanently. Make a good impression because you might be meeting these friends more frequently, so do your best!

4. You Text Constantly

Maintaining a text conversation is quite difficult. Additionally, it appears that ghosting is a common practice in today's world. As a result, if someone is investing that much time on you, they probably really like you. To determine whether the relationship is genuine, make an attempt to meet up more frequently in person if you have a nice rapport going over text.

5. You have each other's trust

People typically only divulge personal information to those with whom they are at ease. Someone you're dating is showing enough trust in you to consider you as a potential partner if they open up to you about a challenge they're going through. Another excellent indication of their warmth and concern for you is if they have supported you during trying circumstances.

6. They've disclosed their intentions to start dating

Although not everyone who is casually dating is seeking a relationship, if someone has said that they are, there is a good likelihood that they at least see you as a possibility. You may specify what you're searching for in a partner on your profile on a few popular dating websites, like Zoosk and Our Time. Another positive indication is if they have this in writing up front.

7. They go above and above for you

Someone likely cares about you and may view you as a long-term partner if they are willing to make the effort to cook supper for you, assist you with a challenging assignment, or travel through rush hour traffic to see you. If you feel the same way about them, make sure you're giving them the same amount of effort.

8. Your Dates Are Different from Typical Dates

Going out for coffee, dinner, or cocktails while you're just starting to date is common. The person you're dating might view your connection as more serious than just a passing fling, though, if they invite you on more elaborate adventures, such as hiking, dancing, concerts, or other connected activities. An even stronger indication that they genuinely enjoy your company is if they ask you on a trip.