8 Factors That Make Men's Online Dating More Difficult

Last updated: Oct 4, 2022
8 Factors That Make Men's Online Dating More Difficult

Here are eight factors why dating for males is fraught with difficulties and emotions, and basing on this, we provide some suggestions for it.

When you've been single for a time, you probably think that your area is the hardest to find dates in. In actuality, dating is difficult regardless of zip code or gender.

Although you would believe that dating, especially online dating, is simpler for guys because they tend to make the decisions and society permits them to date a wider age range than women are allowed, the truth is that dating for males is fraught with difficulties and emotions. Here are eight factors:

1. It's Unfair That Many People Care About Their Height

If you're unsure of how you'll fare, you should know that, while looking for love online, women tend to be particular about a man's height. In actuality, just 14.5% of American males are 6 feet or taller. That means that 85% of men who are under 6 feet tall frequently have no chance. If you're under 6 feet tall, you might get a left swipe because women want a man they can look up to.

To make up for this, some guys exaggerate their height on their profiles in the hopes that a woman will fall head over heels for them while they're seated or cuddled up on the couch thanks to their fantastic personalities and senses of humor.

2. Men Don't Know If a Woman's Age is Accurate When using dating apps, you swipe left and right in the hopes of finding the truth in advertising.

While some women provide their true age, many do so by roughly five years in order to fit into a search. This tradition becomes more obvious when a woman has a significant birthday. You know, the ones that are followed by a zero or a five. Men are becoming aware of the fact that many women would lie about their age on their dating profiles in order to appear younger.

A man may be hesitant to believe the truth about the next 29-, 39-, or 49-year-old if he previously met a woman who was 59 when he had anticipated meeting a woman who was 39. Age for women is similar to height for men, you see. To increase the level of appeal, men wish they were taller and women wish they were younger.

Guys who have previously been let down by an incorrect age become wary of the potential dater, making them pickier in their choices and limiting the number of dates they will accept.

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3. The date card for a man's financial security is always present

Men will notice the cliche "seeking for a financially secure guy" on many women's profiles when they browse possible matches.While most men feel it is necessary to disclose their financial situation on their profiles in order to appear more compatible in the cutthroat dating world, guys don't want to be judged by the size of their pocketbook.

Guys still doubt a woman's sincerity when she claims to be seeking a high achiever or a steady financial situation. That is a turn-off for men who subconsciously wonder if that is code for being wealthy. Being financially prudent is a desirable quality that will endure because jobs come and go. Regardless of your financial situation, realize that you make a great package when combined with a decent heart.

4. Men Spend More Money on Dating

Over the years, it has become common practice for a man to pay for the first date. Dating has a cost, and that is still the case today. If a man wants to impress a lady, he will choose her preferred venue in the hopes of landing lucky—either in bed or at the beginning of a fulfilling relationship. If you're paying for each date, even if you merely go on coffee dates, it adds up.These expensive first dates frequently result in the "one-and-done date," as many people refer to it. It's not a great offer.

If someone had three one-night stands per week for four weeks, the cost of 12 dates may be between $1,000 and $1,500. If you're having coffee dates, it's likely that you're still shelling out $150 to $200 per month. Although walking dates are inexpensive, you risk coming across as stingy. On a first date, splitting the bill is not an option because it will immediately put you in the buddy zone, perhaps with a one-way ticket.

5. Men may move on as a result of women delaying sex.

On a date or simply when viewing her profile photos, a man will undress a lady with his gaze. The fact is that both men and women desire sex. While most women want to wait until there is some amount of commitment, many men want to have sex on the first date.

Men are under a lot of strain because of this waiting game of trying to determine whether you have chemistry and whether you should be intimate. Most guys are willing to wait until the woman is ready for sex, but other people still adhere to the three-date rule and will end a date after three tries.

The bottom truth is that a guy will get impatient and move on if he isn't willing to play the waiting game. His date list will be packed but his scorecard will be blank, making the dating process extremely frustrating.

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6. Men are under pressure to be fantastic in bed

Speaking of sex, the pressure and the intended build-up may cause performance anxiety and the worry of being a failure in the bedroom once you and your date have mutually decided it's time to get physical. This is the reason why so many men of all ages will take medications when they believe that having sex is imminent. You should also assume that a woman will tell her friends that you are fantastic in bed.

Men are under a lot of pressure to impress a lady the first time they have sex. Foreplay is essential in terms of sexual interaction, and if you don't please her right away, you might not have another chance. Any male would feel a great deal of strain from that. Both men and women need to have a healthy sex life, therefore it's necessary to talk about your preferences so you can feel at ease with the pace and anticipate a repeat performance.

7. A man's anxiety and insecurity are a buzzkill

Chemistry and first impressions are important. If you want to schedule a second date, you must come prepared on your first date. Being incredibly self-assured, having fun while flirting, being respectful, and not acting overly dependent or desperate for a relationship are all ingredients in the formula for dating success.

That's because it is complicated and demanding if this seems that way. For males, dating can be challenging. Because of this, you could experience dating burnout or online dating weariness.

It can frequently come across on a date, adding to the strain you already feel to impress the woman you're pursuing, whether you're feeling uncomfortable because your previous girlfriend broke up with you or you're having problems at work. Keep in mind that self-assurance is the ultimate seducer. Don't leave it at home, please.

8. Men Are Frequently Placed in the Friend Zone

For a variety of reasons, a woman will put you in the friend-zone. She might associate you with an ex or a sibling, or she might find your anxiety and pessimism repellent. While being friend-zoned is viewed as the dating equivalent of the kiss of death, do yourself a favor and make a list of topics you can't discuss on a date.

In the dating world, being placed in the friend-zone is viewed as a death knell. These could be issues with your ex, your job, your health, or situations where you don't present your best self when going out on dates.

It's not the end of the world if you get friend blocked. Make sure to ask them if they have any friends they can introduce you to and offer to do the same in return if you find someone you want to be friends with. Maintain an Upbeat Attitude, Take Breaks When Needed, and Be Willing to Work.

Dating is still very much alive and well and is prospering in spite of all the difficulties that guys may face. Don't let a few unsuccessful dates get you down. Everyone has gone through that. If you treat every date as a chance to broaden your social circle, you might luck out and meet someone fantastic at an unexpected time. The squeaky wheel gets the digital love deal, as I often say, and patience is a virtue.