7 Dating Rules That Will Help You Find Your Ideal Partner

Last updated: Sep 23, 2022
7 Dating Rules That Will Help You Find Your Ideal Partner

Here are 7 dating rules that you can use as a reference for your own dating activities or that you can use as motivation to create (and uphold) your own dating rules.

A principle is defined as "a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior—or for a chain of reasoning" when you look up the definition of the word. It is a guideline or standard to follow.

Which is an odd thing for many people to think about when it comes to dating, especially since the majority of us have been raised to despise rules?

But if we had our own set of dating principles that served as a deliberate road map for our activities, we wouldn't ever have to date at random in the hopes of striking gold and discovering a suitable match for us in a sea of singles again.

Instead, we can choose better ways to spend our limited time and attention, and we can surround ourselves with the right people.

Now, doesn't that make sense?

Here are 7 dating rules that you can use as a reference for your own dating activities or that you can use as motivation to create (and uphold) your own dating rules.

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1. Control your expectations.

For some strange reason, when it comes to dating, selecting a partner, and how we view a happy and healthy relationship, we frequently have a confused perspective and irrational expectations

Marriage and love aren't going to work out the way Disney likes to depict them in real life.

And the person you are just not clicking with might surprise you with a first kiss or some additional time.

We could stop to consider what we want from a relationship and a partner and start focusing on finding that instead of being sidetracked by the glitz and glam of a little makeup, nice clothes, or a workout in the gym!

Taking the time to consider the kind of relationship we want and the reasons we want it. You will learn the difference between what you think you want and what you really want by doing research to determine whether the relationship type we have chosen is realistic. This will enable you to focus on these crucial traits in a partner rather than lust or instant attraction.

It's time well spent, and it's a great dating fundamental that will keep you moving toward your ideal date.

2. Establish goals

If you drive somewhere without knowing where you're going, you're just leaving yourself vulnerable to whatever happens to be in your path (and you might miss hundreds of inspiring locations on the way).

The same is true of dating

You'll begin to attract that person to you if you start writing down what you want, who you want, what kind of qualities they have, how you will treat each other, and what kind of lifestyle you want.

When setting goals, be as specific as you can, and revisit them as you develop and change.

But instead of constructing it on the basis of fairy tales, do so in a realistic manner.

You'll quickly have a clear idea of what and who you want, and you'll communicate this to God or the Creator in a very clear way so they can assist you in clearing your path and putting yourself in line with your objectives. Which brings us nicely to the third dating rule!

3. Align your goals with your actions

Many people have an insecure attachment style, and our life experiences shape how we relate to others in positive or negative ways.

Often, we are to blame for the problems we have in a relationship rather than our partners.

We would be halfway there if we had a clear idea of what we desired (see dating principle no. 1) and then set out to pursue it. The next issue we might run into is how we might obstruct our own efforts to find the ideal mate.

You start to concentrate on the reasons why you don't take the path to what you want at this point. Why you are drawn to the wrong kind of people and how to change that. Why you attract the wrong kind of people.

Working on this will eventually put you in the best possible physical, mental, and emotional state for attracting and keeping the right partner for you.

I'm afraid there won't be any fairy tales here, just some grit, hustle, and self-awareness, please!couple having fun .jpeg

4. Don't set yourself up for failure

People don't immediately divulge all of their information to you. You also don't immediately reveal your entire self to others.

If you've dated someone and you like them but aren't sure if you should continue seeing each other to learn more about each other, be honest and tell them. If you don't, you might miss their hidden depths, which might just match your own.

You never know, if you do this, you might not have to look too far to find that ideal match, and you wouldn't want to send out prayers or messages in search of that ideal match only to reject the gifts that are brought to you right away, would you?

Remember that dating is a numbers game and that you will need to go out and start meeting people because they are probably not going to knock on your door and ask you out.

Therefore, if you don't go out much, start thinking about how you can increase your visibility and grow your network of contacts.

5. Be hopeful

Continue to review and revise your objectives, consider how your experiences have affected your objectives, and make changes. Don't give up.

Examine the reasons behind your beliefs. For instance, are you a woman waiting for a particular man to ask you out? Are you really going to let someone who might be the ideal match for you argue over such a minor social norm? He may be reluctant to ask, but that does not imply that he is helpless.

To align with your ideal partner, you might need to change your objectives and expectations or work on improving yourself, and doing so is well worth it.

In your youth, dating may be all fun and games, but eventually it becomes serious. If you intend to get married, this is a lifetime investment. So why not make the most of this opportunity to discover your best self?

If you do, you will undoubtedly receive great rewards!

6.Gratitude is the secret ingredient.

Gratitude is something that some people only talk about, but for me, it's like the "on" switch.

While you are trying to achieve something in life, if you have been blessed with experience (even if it's not the experience you wanted), it is paving the way for your success.

It will show you the way and impart the knowledge you require to reach your objectives.

Be thankful for every chance, understanding, and experience—positive or negative. Be thankful despite missing a crucial element of your objectives or expectations or having to learn a difficult lesson.

But keep in mind that if you don't like what you've received, you don't have to keep doing it; instead, you can learn and develop from it with gratitude.

If you have a bad experience, don't hang on to it out of gratitude; instead, thank God for teaching you a lesson and leave. Then, ask for help fixing whatever it was about you that attracted the situation.

7.Face your fears head-on

Although it can be intimidating to put yourself out there and reveal your vulnerability to a stranger, it is said that fear is your greatest teacher.

If only you would just step through the door that fear is pointing you toward, you would enter a new world.

Therefore, don't let fear keep you from finding your ideal future spouse.

Get outside and enter the doors that frighten you!