5 Proven Advice on How to Have More Fun Around Men

Last updated: Oct 4, 2022
5 Proven Advice on How to Have More Fun Around Men

Remember that you don't have to pretend to be someone you are not in order to catch a man's eye. Here are five tips to make men more fun to be around.

You can do a lot to have more fun around men without altering who you are or approaching dating with a façade.

Some women feel they must be passive and wait for a man to contact them, ask them out, or message them on dating apps like Match. even though you've shown absolutely no interest.

You can also doubt what you have to offer and be tempted to fake it to appear more impressive. You can also be hesitant to interact with people and present yourself, bashful, or silent. Despite wanting to escape the spotlight and being the focus of attention, you might be yearning for love.

The worries listed above are all legitimate. It's normal to be nervous about making a good impression or uncertain about how to show your playful side. To better handle any insecurities interfering with the crucial role you play in creating a new connection, it's crucial to overcome any internal hurdles. Remember that you don't have to pretend to be someone you are not in order to catch a man's eye.

Here are five tips to have more fun around men.

1. Always be true to who you are

Being phony or untrue is not the answer, no matter how much you want guys to find you entertaining and alluring. While pretending to be someone you are not in order to attract a man's interest or attention may work momentarily, you will be putting yourself in a lot of dangerous situations.

You might experience self-doubt, insecurity, and questions about whether he would still like you if he knew the true you. Being someone you're will not succeed, so try to always be yourself. If you are able to hold his interest over time, you will experience pressure to maintain your façade and fear when it comes to showing your true self. Being genuine is the best course of action because doing otherwise would only lead to tragedy, exhaustion, and an unhealthy relationship. Being open and truthful, accepting your flaws, and connecting with your authentic self are necessary for this.

be true to be yourself

2. Aodring yourself

Adoring your own self, flaws and all, is another aspect of being authentic. Remind yourself that you can have more fun while being yourself because we are often our own worst critics.

It's beneficial to prod yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and take chances, such as by making the first move on a hot guy. The best course of action is not to force yourself to do anything that makes you feel ashamed or excruciatingly uncomfortable. These behaviors won't allow you to show off your playful side and will instead make you feel awkward and uneasy.

Learn to tell the difference between motivating yourself to pursue your goals and pushing yourself to make decisions that don't reflect who you are or the woman you want to be.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a good thing, but not if it makes you feel excruciatingly uncomfortable. You must also pay close attention to how you define enjoyment. If dancing on the bar is not your thing, for instance, don't do it. Instead, take the initiative to join in the dancing and let go a little. Don't try to impress him by forcing yourself to sing karaoke if it's not your style and you require a lot of booze to sing in front of people.

Concentrate on developing your sense of humor in logical and practical methods. By accessing what makes you happy, think about what fits your personality the best, and then do the right thing to show this side of yourself to others. Once more, your objective is not to alter who you are or make a fool of yourself in order to receive this attention.

love yourself

3. Strive to look your best and master flirting

In terms of attraction and arousal, the majority of men are perceptive to visual cues.

If you make an effort with your appearance, he will notice you more and you will feel more confident. This self-assurance will enable you to display your outgoing personality and make flirting more enjoyable. Consider investing in a wardrobe that showcases your greatest features and displays your individual flair, without dressed in anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or exposed.

Keep a confident demeanor at all times. Keep in mind that flirting involves a lot of visual cues as well.

Make sure to give him a kind smile and maintain eye contact. Do not forget to maintain your personal hygiene and health. Try these behaviors to assist increase attraction. Smiling, locking eyes (but not for too long! ), praising him, and utilizing light touch are all crucial components of flirting. Also, don't be afraid to use humor or sarcasm, or to be funny and playful.

flirting with a guy

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4. Show Him You Truly Care About Getting to Know Him.

If he enjoys being around you and feels good about himself, he will probably find you to be entertaining. In order to convey your desire in getting to know someone, it is crucial to use efficient communication techniques and proper body language.

Ask him about his interests, and then pay attention to what he says.

Be observant and curious so you can recall specifics and pose thought-provoking inquiries. Show genuine curiosity in learning about his opinions, even if they are different from your own. To have a relationship and have fun together, you don't need to agree on everything. In actuality, it often feels more monotonous than enjoyable to agree on everything.

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5. Increase Your Level of Self-Assurance, Purpose, and Contentment with Your Life and Yourself

Sharing your interests with people can lead to some of the best and liveliest conversations. Therefore, you must invest in yourself and your own life if you want to be entertaining and intriguing to others.

This entails giving your life purpose by pursuing your passions, abilities, strengths, and interests. Invest time in developing a life you love and pursuing your interests. You'll draw fantastic individuals to you when you're content with who you are.

Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself so that you can approach your relationships with enthusiasm and avoid burnout. You will inevitably become more appealing to guys as you develop as a person and live your life to the fullest as well as being more confident, upbeat, and self-assured. Both parties benefit from this.

Owning who you are and gaining more confidence can help you be more open and comfortable sharing yourself with others, which will make you more enjoyable around men. It's about living a life you enjoy and overcoming obstacles with a cheerful, resilient outlook. Make an effort to convey your interest in him through your behaviors. You'll gradually develop greater self-assurance in your ability to flirt.

Don't be hesitant to introduce him to your silly, interesting, eccentric, and genuine self, even though you might initially feel shy or unsure of yourself.