5 Important Things to Think About Before You Date Again After Divorce

Last updated: Sep 23, 2022
5 Important Things to Think About Before You Date Again After Divorce

How long we should wait before dating again and going on our first date after a divorce?

How long should you wait to start dating after divorce now that the divorce is final? Today this post brings it. Finally. Your divorce is valid in law. So, when should a divorced person date again?

The documentation is now in front of you, and despite the fact that it took six months or six years, you are now a free man or woman. So how long should it be before you start dating again?

Are you eager to resume your dating life? Have you already been dating anyone?

David Essel, the top-selling author, therapist, and life coach, has been assisting men and women in making the transition from being married to separate to finally divorced for the past 28 years.

In the section below, David discusses how long we should wait before dating again and going on our first date after a divorce.

She entered my office beaming. She had been divorced for a while and had been separated for a year, but she had recently met the man of her dreams.

The sole issue? She wasn't prepared and didn't know how to date again after a divorce.

She engaged in a game of cat and mouse. She was completely enamored with him at first, but she soon relapsed into her insecurities about not being ready to trust men in light of what her ex-husband had done to her.

I've witnessed this tragedy repeatedly over the past 28 years of practice. The separated couple doesn't understand that it's not as easy as it may seem to find love after a divorce. Before they're ready and, for the majority of them, before the divorce is even final, both men and women enter the world of romance and begin dating after divorce.

5 Important Things to Think About Before You Date Again After Divorce

Avoid making the same mistakes in life again.

Both dating after divorce and falling in love after divorce can be grave errors that cannot be undone. And since you haven't dealt with the past, there is a 99.9% chance that you will repeat your past mistakes in life and date someone who is very similar to your ex-husband or ex-wife.

An illustration of a failed first marriage following a divorce

Even I fell victim to this trap. I fell in love with a woman more than ten years ago who claimed to be divorced; however, three months later, as I overheard her and her attorney on the phone, I learned that she had actually been separated for five years and that the divorce was nowhere to be found.

They were unable to handle the financial aspects of a divorce or separation.

She admitted lying to me when I confronted her as soon as she hung up the phone.

Now everything made sense—the ongoing drama and chaos between us, her lack of confidence in me and even her unwillingness to be honest with me.

Yes, the relationship did end there and then.

Therefore, to answer the question "when to start dating after divorce?" I believe that, regardless of how long you've been separated, you are not yet prepared to enter the world of dating for a long-term relationship. Friend with advantages? sex with no conditions?

Don't involve other people in your drama

Yes, if that's the route you want to take, but wait to involve others in your drama until you've been divorced or have begun dating after divorce, and even then, as I'll discuss below, because you need some alone time.

An illustration of a man's life after divorce

After her relationship with a man, she had been dating completely broke her heart, another client I worked with from Australia contacted me.

The man made the error of starting a new relationship right after his divorce. They had been dating for two years and had been separated for three years when he called her the day after receiving the final divorce papers in the mail to say that he needed some alone time.

He felt that the divorce and separation had a significant negative impact on him, and that he now just wanted to play the field without being committed to anyone.

Do you notice any patterns in this? If you're reading this and feel alone and that you're unique from everyone else, then... The big shock is that you are not.

Before I advise anyone to dive headfirst into the world of dating after divorce, there is still a lot of work to be done, even after the papers are served and your divorce is officially declared legal.

5 important things to think about before you date again after divorce

Let's examine the guidelines

So, let's take a look at the guidelines we use with all of my clients who want to be prepared, willing, and capable of getting back into the dating game after divorce.

1. Wait a while before dating again after a divorce. 

Do not involve anyone else in your chaos and drama if you are separated.

Do not start dating again after a divorce if you are separated; your chaos and drama are enough.

You are riding a roller coaster, and anyone you bring along will suffer greatly as a result.

Wait. Be tolerant. Or, if necessary, tell people straight out that you can't be in a monogamous relationship and that you just want to have fun.

Don't get into a relationship after getting divorced, though I don't have anything against you if that's what you want to do.

2. Delay until you can date seriously again after a divorce. 

Let's say you have received official divorce papers from your home state establishing your new status as a free man or woman.

So how long should you wait to date after your divorce? Before you start dating someone seriously, wait a year.

Do I resemble your mother or father? If I do, then they must be extremely intelligent.

You have to experience your birthday, holidays, and everything else on your own for about 365 days before you can understand what it feels like to fall in love with yourself once again.

Dating after divorce, even before you're ready, is a complete distraction from determining what went wrong, what went right, what you need to let go of, and what you need to hold onto in your previous relationship.

You are doing yourself and whoever you bring into your personal hell with you a great disservice if you want to use dating as a diversion from loneliness, insecurity, boredom, or anything else.

3. Consult a therapist, counselor, pastor, or relationship life coach. 

Work with a therapist, relationship life coach, minister, or counselor who knows what the hell they're doing to identify the errors that "you" made in your previous marriage.

Right now, concentrate on yourself; don't worry about the mistakes your partner made. You're on the road to recovery and prepared for dating after divorce when you can acknowledge your mistakes.

4. You must practice forgiving.

You must practice 100% forgiveness—that is, 100% forgiveness for everything your ex-partner did—with the help of this professional.

They cheated on you, right?

A lie to you? abuse you physically or emotionally?

lied to you? You won't be able to trust your next partner until you work with a professional and resolve all of your grudges, many of which are supported by concrete evidence.

Your insecurities will follow you into love, which will make you a pain in the ass to anyone you date.

Many of the clients I've worked with initially disobeyed our system because they didn't believe they could live independently for a full year.

5. Wait until you're ready to date again after a divorce.

Take your time to recover.

Many of my clients had rebound relationships established before they were even divorced, during the divorce process, or as soon as the divorce papers were served.

they were already looking for someone to fill the void.

the emptiness of solitude.

This is true for the majority of men, and it is not unusual for men to start dating right after a divorce.

Avoid falling for this trap! So, how soon should you wait before dating after a divorce and how to start dating again?

Of course, there are some guidelines that couples should adhere to when dating after divorce.

Take all the time you need to recover. If so, how many? Oh my God, it might even take two or a year and a half.

You want to serve as a positive role model for them.

If you date the same person for several months in a succession after your divorce, then... then another individual... They are receiving a message from you that you do not want them to understand that the fear of being grounded is less terrifying than the fear of being alone.

Many of you will be offended by what I just said, and that's okay. Things that annoy us are frequently true.

However, if you concur with the aforementioned? Bravo for you. Get assistance right away. Therefore, once you start dating again after a divorce, you can look forward to a fantastic relationship in the future.

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