3 Best Discreet Dating Sites: The Biggest Secret to Find a Partner

Last updated: Dec 13, 2022
3 Best Discreet Dating Sites: The Biggest Secret to Find a Partner

The internet and social media have made it easier for people to find potential partners, with the downside being that their personal information is now available to everyone with access. Learn about 3 of the best discreet dating sites in this article, so you can find someone special without running the risk of having a private photo shared with strangers.

What is a discreet dating site?

When people talk about the phrase  "discreet dating", it usually evokes a negative idea in their mind. Our heads immediately point to illicit affairs or taboo extramarital activities. However, discreet dating doesn't hide these often-forbidden relationships;it helps people with unique tastes and circumstances take full control of their experiences.

Some strong relationships need to be hidden for various reasons. Whether they are a romantic, emotional, or no-strings-attached kind of relationship, some dating apps are introducing discreet dating as a special feature - giving their members the freedom to customize their dating experience fully.

What are the 3 best discreet dating sites?

Dating Site #1  Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of those top married dating sites that doesn't need an introduction. In fact, the affair dating site kicked off the whole married dating craze and gave people a new, discreet place to be unfair to their partners. You may have heard that Ashley Madison has had some security issues, but the service now confid-ently says that's a thing of the past. Ashley Madison is constantly working on developing its security features so that you can use them while keeping your personal data safe.

One of the best things about Ashley Madison is that it has a huge male and female audience looking for the same: a willing partner who wants a no-strings-attached, casual relationship. Ashley Madison allows you to identify yourself as an affair partner, which is why we love it. Ashley Madison might not be the most budget-friendly dating site, but it more than makes up for it with its features and audience.

ashley madison.jpg

  • Pros:

A large amount of active audience

Extensive security features

Convenient and modern design

Mobile app for both platforms

  • Cons:

A little bit expensive for active users

Dating Site #2   Seeking

Seeking is a great place for older (and wealthy) men to meet younger women for casual flirting, sexy chats, and sometimes even a lucky first date. It also attracts young women looking for an arrangement, usually in college; like lots of free gifts and free money just for a date.

Frugal men won't do well on this site, and maybe even "women with less-than-perfect bodies" probably won't, since millionaires tend to have high (and superficial) expectations.

But for the rest of us (older rich folks and curious college kids trying to pay off those loans), it's a win-win.


  • Pros

Women have premium access for free

Men can get ID-verified and income-verified

The most notorious site for “seeking arrangements”

  • Cons

Budget-conscious guys probably won’t like it

 Dating Site #3 What’s Your Price

What's Your Price is like a budget version of Seeking.com. You can bid on your dream date at a specific price. If you've used sugar dating sites in the past and were too embarrassed to ask "how much will it cost me?" then it's easy to figure out what your price is.

You suggest prices and choose your dream date. Marital status can be kept private or shared freely. It's like a charity auction, except it's not exactly for charity, and if you're attracted to each other, you don't have to be as respectable.


  • Pros

Similar to Seeking, but on a budget and more customizable

All new accounts are checked by moderators

Less "perfect" candidates can sign up and get more attention

marital status doesn't matter

  • Cons

It’s costy- at least $50 for 100 credit

You are also bidding with other users 

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Dating Tips For Discreet Dating Sites

As you know, success on the dating platform is not 100% sure unless you do your part. To make sure you find out your heart’s desires -- and more -- here are some discreet online dating tips to use as a guide.

  • Keep your safety

One of the most important advantages you should look for in a discreet dating app is its ability to keep your information safe and secure. Whether  single or married, dating sites should protect your privacy so you can just focus on enjoying the moment in the app

  • It should be fun

Most importantly, dating sites should get you excited and enjoy! Even if it's the safest and most guarded dating site in the world, using a discreet dating site  doesn't serve the purpose if you can't find the right relationship on the platform.

  • Protect yourself from scammer

Scammers and fakes are everywhere, and discreet dating platforms are not immune to these vampires. There will be fake men and women deliberately joining several platforms to deceive people. If you feel like someone is only after your materialistic interests, chances are they are. Learn how to spot these fakes and protect yourself.


Conclusion-which is the best discreet dating site?

Discreet Dating is for those who are brave enough to follow their desires. There’s no judgment on these platforms, just fun and acceptance. Special features that help you hide these activities make low-risk dating discreet.

You really find that Ashley Madison offers more interaction than other sites, especially in new messages sent, flirts, winks and members reach out after viewing my profile, and local matches in the inbox.

If you have no choice but to be sneaky and must be cautious, Ashley Madison's website and app will protect your reputation.