Spend Time:14 Suggestions on How to Spend More Time as a Couple

Last updated: Sep 29, 2022
Spend Time:14 Suggestions on How to Spend More Time as a Couple

Spending quality time also involves showing love in your body. Not necessarily through sex, but rather by holding hands, hugging, caring for, and tickling.

You spend time with your partner every day. They are the one you call first thing in the morning and the one you kiss good night.

But does regularly spending time with one another indicate a strong relationship? No, not always.

The best approach to make sure your relationship remains healthy and robust is to spend quality time with your partner. This entails doing more than just watching Netflix together or occasionally going out to eat. Both you and your spouse deserve more from your relationship.

So, what does quality time actually mean? It entails uninterrupted time spent with your spouse and a chance for you to get together and converse. Building emotional connection and trust through communication.

1. What Qualifies as Quality Time?

Spend quality time with your lover.

A key component of the love language of quality time is setting aside time for intimate interactions. Nothing says "I love you," if your preferred method of communication is through quality time, like receiving a partner's entire attention. The love language theory's creator, Gary Chapman, asserts that uninterrupted time together strengthens bonds.

Spending quality time also involves showing love in your body. Not necessarily through sex (though that's awesome, too!), but rather by holding hands, hugging, caring for, and tickling. These affectionate behaviors will increase mate pleasure, according to studies.

2. How to Spend Time with Your Partner in a Meaningful Way

Here are several cues from Gary Chapman that demonstrate how vital quality time is to you. It's also the main love language you use:

Feeling lonely because you don't spend enough time with your significant other. More essential than gifts, touches, or acts of service is spending time with someone. You feel frustrated when plans are postponed, and you lose interest in sexual activities when you don't get to spend quality time with your partner. When you don't spend enough time together, you feel distant and upset. When someone doesn't seem to be listening to you, you become preoccupied with making schedules work.

So how do you and your partner spend quality time together? The following 14 relationship advice can help you spend time with your partner.

2.1 Participate in a social event

Most individuals today lead busy work lives and lose sight of the importance of having fun with their loved ones. While you are not required to attend all social events and family get-togethers, you should arrange a time to do so and show your loved ones how much you value and adore them.                    Spend time participating social events with your lover.

2.2 Explore novel ideas together

Have you ever wished you could learn a new language or a musical instrument? What about ballroom dancing or skydiving?

Why not involve your partner in these activities rather than seeing them as solo interests and hobbies?

Together, trying new things helps couples to rely on one another for emotional and physical support, which strengthens relationships.

Shared interests foster marital connection, and the Journal of Happiness Studies showed that couples who saw each other as closest friends reported twice as much marital satisfaction.

couple spend time reading books together

2.3 Plan tech-free periods of time

Your phone is a terrific tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, watching videos, and listening to music. But is your relationship better off without your phone?

Many couples avoid one other on the phone. Phubbing, according to studies, can make relationships less satisfying and raise one's risk of depression.

Eliminate interruptions while spending quality time with your partner and make it clear that they have your undivided focus to lower those risks.             v2_b1621816c3da43228d6e76eb1a9ac2db_img_000.jpg

2.4 Workout together in the gym

Becoming exercise partners is one way you can spend valuable time together as a couple. According to studies, couples who work out together are more likely to stick with their program. Couples exercise more vigorously than they would alone.

According to one study, couples who exercise together are more likely to maintain weight loss than singles, who are just 66% of the time.

Join a gym, exercise together at home, try couples yoga, go hiking, or get your bikes out. Whatever form of fitness you prefer, these beneficial activities help foster a good relationship.

Couple spend time doing exercise.

2.5 Prepare food together

While you go to work in the kitchen, of course, crack open a bottle of wine or turn on some sultry music.

Cooking meals together is one of the finest relationship advice for spending quality time together when you both have busy schedules.

Try to spice things up by cooking a sophisticated French cuisine or a four-course meal together. This is not only a good way to spend time with your friends, but it also fosters cooperation.

If all goes according to plan, you'll have a romantic dinner for two at home that you made with your own two hands. Even if the meal doesn't turn out as you had anticipated, you will undoubtedly laugh and make new memories with your loved ones.

Remember that you don't have to pretend to be someone you are not in order to catch a man's eye. Read this article to learn:5 Proven Advice on How to Have more Fun Around Men.

couple spend time cooking together

2.6 Have a recurring date night

Spending time together in a meaningful way makes couples happier and less stressed. One of the most important relationship advice for a successful relationship is to schedule a date night each week.

A weekly date night might make your relationship seem more intriguing and help minimize relationship boredom, according to the National Marriage Project.

Additionally, it enhances your sexual life, reduces the likelihood of divorce, and fosters healthy communication.

spend time with your lover weekly

2.7 Show interest in what they say and how they feel

All of the different love languages are meant to promote communication between people you care about. Most of the time, quality time is spent talking and having discussions. This is not to be confused with language that validates or uses affirmations. Key is to be present.

Become receptive to your partner's emotions. Allow them to describe their day to you. Actively listen to what your partner has to say.

According to the National Library of Medicine, active listening is a unique communication ability and the highest and most productive level of listening. It demands paying attention to the speaker's goal, feeling, and content.

Restrict interruptions and minimize distractions. They will feel appreciated if you talk to them and pay attention to what they're feeling.

The man is holding his lover's hands and spending time together.

2.8 Don't postpone plans

People who value quality time experience hurt when plans are changed or canceled, as we previously stated. Because they consider spending time together being a show of love. They believe you are withholding love when you postpone or cancel plans to spend time with them.

Even though schedules occasionally change, and everyone needs some alone time, be sure to let them know how much you like being around them and how much you are looking forward to the upcoming event.

couple kissing together.jpeg

2.9 Take part in a daily ritual

It might be going for an evening stroll, eating supper together, or engaging in an activity that interests you both, like hiking or writing. Finding a way to spend time with each other, even if it's just for 15 minutes. Long-term, it will pay off handsomely.

Spend time hiking with lover.

2.10 Sleep together

If your schedules permit it and you share a home with your spouse, you should think about going to bed together. You will bond before going to bed in addition to ending the day together. A nightly routine is linked to better family functioning and sleeping habits, according to research. 

Spend time sleeping with his lover.

2.11 Arrange a weekend vacation

Planning a holiday is not one of the things that spring to mind while you are working hard to enhance your job and reach your goals. Long vacations ensure quality time, but a little weekend escape can still be effective. You only need a few days. Find a pleasant location and get away on the weekends.

Couple spend time going a vacation with each other.

2.12 Consider a film marathon

Try a movie marathon if you don't enjoy going out on the weekends owing to personal tastes or a busy schedule. Start by listing all the movies you and your partner enjoy. This will facilitate the development of dialogues and recollections. In the end, what matters is the time you spend together without discussing work.

Spend time watching films together, such as Titanic.

2.13 Play cooperative video games

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, every home has an Xbox. And the majority of them include features and multiplayer gaming. Try this out if the two of you like playing video games. By recognizing the winner, you can keep things interesting.

Co-playing is more advantageous for families with ineffective family communication than it is for families with effective family communication, according to Sage Journals.

Playing video games together is an excellent idea if you haven't been spending much time together lately. The secret to happiness is letting the child within both of you come to life.

Gamer Couples Stay Together According To Research Results

2.14 Be indecent.

Spending time is the secret to success and happiness in relationships, and this cannot be emphasized enough. Having a nice sexual life is another important factor that cannot be overlooked.

Despite the fact that every day is different, try not to let your relationship suffer because of work pressure. Separation results from a lack of contentment. Remember your sexual life when you are planning quality time.

The hormone oxytocin, which is in charge of a lot of wonderful feelings, is released more readily during intimate relationships.

Couple spend time having a wonderful night