Avoidant Love:12 Symptoms of Avoidant Love

Last updated: Oct 3, 2022
Avoidant Love:12 Symptoms of Avoidant Love

Consider your options carefully if you two are considering taking the next significant step. You must determine whether our partner is avoidant.

You two are dating and having a great time, yet your partner frequently exudes an air of mystery. They approach and briefly make you the center of their attention. The other time, they isolate themselves and avoid interacting with you. But it's likely that your partner is avoiding you out of pure love. Yes, there are such people. They might really care about you, but it's not always easy to tell. You must be on the lookout for indications that an avoidant loves you. You, as the significant other, require some emotional security. Their irregular behavior can also upset your emotions. Although they could come across as unstable and emotionally detached, their love may be sincere.

Generally, those who shy away from love gravitate toward those who are addicted to it. Simply put, opposites simply attract. While one person yearns for love, the other remains wary! Consider your options carefully if you two are considering taking the next significant step. You must determine whether our partner is avoidant. Continue reading now! If an avoidant loves you, you might notice several key indicators.

This is not avoidant love.

Who avoids falling in love?

People or individuals who, while being in love, avoid closeness and romantic displays are known as avoidants love in psychology. People who exhibit love avoidant conduct can come out as being emotionally cold, aloof, and reclusive. You might simply refer to them as worried lovers. Out of a sense of loss and rejection, they shy away from emotional and sexual contact. However, this does not imply that they are incapable of loving others.

How does a person who avoids love show emotion? An avoidant enjoys it when you know the indications to watch out for. They will exhibit their affection by.

  • Introducing you to their loved ones
  • Getting ready for a sexual encounter
  • Display your affection and attachment to you.
  • Enquire about your future intentions for marriage
  • Communicating nonverbally in public
  • girlfriend ignores boyfriend while grinning and wearing headphones

An avoidant can fall in love, but how? Despite the complexity of the love avoidant personality qualities, with a little work, they can transform into stunning mates. These people also experience emotions. Consequently, they are also able to love. For such individuals, especially men or women, falling in love is similar to riding a roller coaster. You must recognize that they are sensitive beings. Consequently, they avoid falling in love. However, when they do, they do so violently!

These folks evaluate every facet of your personality before falling in love, after all. They'll give everything careful consideration. What a thinker, I see! They will determine your level of understanding and commitment readiness. Additionally, those who engage in avoidant conduct consider all potential risks. They want to be certain that you won't desert them.

One of the main avoidant attachment symptoms is intense attention. As time goes on, they start to feel uneasy about all the attention and romance. For them, the sensation turns cringe-inducing and oppressive. Additionally, those who shun love have a propensity to ponder too much about their relationships. Such people may experience unwarranted anxieties during dating. the anxiety of losing their spouse! They may believe their significant other will deceive, pass away, or desert them. They do have these notions, despite the fact that they are illogical.

They consequently choose to distance themselves from their lover. The relationship is frequently harmed by this worried emotion. According to research by the University of Newcastle's Discipline of Psychiatry, these people frequently shy away from social and emotional engagement because of their biggest anxieties. The people who shun love end up getting ready for the worst possible relationships! They consequently become less present-oriented. Additionally, they lose emotional attachment to their partner as a result of their unwarranted dread. In essence, they completely change into someone else.

Overall, as a relationship progresses, love avoidants start to grow aloof. In order to comprehend an avoidant's emotions and emotional anguish, you must watch out for signals that they love you.

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12 signs that an avoidant is in love with you.

It is time to reconsider if you believe that your lover has suddenly started to shun you. They might not be a cheater, but they may be contemptuous or wary of love. You can be in a relationship with a love-avoidant person.

The challenge is worse if you are a love addict, though. Many people frequently need to find out how their partner is feeling. Fortunately, you can identify avoidant attachment by looking for these signs.

There are few signs of avoidant love.

1. They are prepared to be exposed.

Their aversion to intimacy is what makes love avoidants tick. They think they will be harmed if they fully open their world to you. They never really reveal themselves to you as a result. If you notice that your partner behaves incoherently frequently, consider this an indication of avoidant attachment. The people who avoid love typically provide you a brief glimpse into their lives. However, they are unquestionably in love if they open up their entire universe to you. Even if your partner may come out as an introvert, trust them if they open up to you about everything!

Being prepared to be exposed can be a sign of avoidant love.

2. They enjoy your PDAs without words.

According to research from the University of Toronto, people who shun romantic relationships respond favorably to nonverbal cues. If you make meaningful eye contact, a gentle touch on their palm, or a warm smile with them, they will be touched. Such behavior demonstrates to them your seriousness. Engage in some non-verbal communication if you want to learn how to make an avoidant miss you.

Enjoying being with you can be a sign of avoidant love.

3. They communicate nonverbally.

A restrained lover might try to show their passion in a different way. So, be aware of the nonverbal cues they give off. If your partner does romantic gestures like holding hands in public or protecting you from a disagreement, you're lucky. The easiest method to win over an avoidant is to reciprocate!

Coummunicating nonverbally with you can be a sign of avoidant love.

4. They advise you to maintain your privacy.

If you try to gain some personal space for yourself, love avoidants frequently feel perplexed. However, it is a good indicator if they encourage you to have your own area. If they truly feel anything for you, a love avoidant will occasionally let you keep your distance from them.

Advising you to maintain your privacy can be a sign of avoidant love.

5. They try to get in touch with you.

Due to security concerns, such persons frequently find themselves dancing. However, do they try to contact you? If so, it is one of the crucial indicators that an avoidant loves you. If they are truly in love with you, they may occasionally call or text you and may even crack a few jokes. Keep in mind how different it is from their guarded personality!

Trying to get in touch with you can be a sign of avoidant love.

6. They give you attention.

When in a committed relationship, those who resist love endeavor to become good listeners. Your partner may pay careful attention to your needs and wishes. They will undoubtedly try to grant these requests as well!

Giving you attention can be a sign of avoidant love.

7. They initiate contact in a relationship.

Making the first approach is one of the primary indicators that an avoidant likes you. If they aren't madly in love with you, they won't naturally make a move on you! In order to let them show you with attention if they are reaching out, attempt to act evasive.

Initiating contact can be a sign of avoidant love.

8. They desire physical intimacy.

Intimacy is what avoidants fear most. Take it as one of the telling indicators that they love you if they are willing to engage in physical intimacy with you. For such people, intimacy is really important, and they are giving it their all for you!

Desiring physical intimacy can be a sign of avoidant love.

9. They depend on you.

A person who avoids love will be attracted to everyone but you. After spending some quality time together, it's a good indicator if your partner shows strong emotion. Count it if they are following you around like a lost dog. This is one of the indications of an avoidant love. You are after all their safe haven now!

Being depend on you can be a sign of avoidant love.

10. They try to connect with you.

Bonding can be difficult for someone who avoids situations. However, it is encouraging if they are making an attempt to connect with you through your interests. This action demonstrates their readiness to commit to you and their trust in you. For them, forming bonds is a rare, intensely emotional occurrence.

Trying to connect with you can be a sign of avoidant love.

11. They've made introductions for you to their family or friends.

Have you ever dated an introvert? If your partner has introduced you to their family or close friends, you are lucky. They won't accept you into their exclusive group unless they are certain of you. This action shows that they have made the decision to start a family with you.

Making introductions to his family and friends can be a sign of avoidant love.

12. They agree to get married.

What is the clearest indication that an avoidant is in love with you? The answer to the marriage query is "Yes." The big question can even be asked by your lover!

Agreeging to get married can be a sign of avoidant love.


A person who avoids intimacy out of a sense of personal inadequacy or rejection is said to be a love avoidant. However, if they are very certain that they like you, they often share their hearts. You must take into account their feelings as their partner and close companion. To get over their worries, they may require some affection and assurance. You must demonstrate to them that you genuinely care about their affection. Simple actions frequently enough. Couples therapy is another option you have to make sure you two get along better!

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