10 Unusual Ways to Use Dating Apps

Last updated: Sep 13, 2022
10 Unusual Ways to Use Dating Apps

Unconventional methods to use dating apps if you're open to finding more than a date or a hookup. You may also be interested in the possibilities.

Finding that special someone might be challenging, both offline and on dating apps, but you might be passing up something else unknowingly. You could discover that, even if things don't go in that way, you can still get a lot out of your app-inspired meetups if you widen the scope of what you're searching for beyond a romantic relationship.

People have utilized a variety of dating websites and applications to locate friends, roommates, coworkers, and other relationships. In fact, several applications have features created specifically for activities like networking and forming relationships.

Continue reading to discover some unconventional methods to use dating apps if you're open to finding more than a date or a hookup. You may also be interested in the possibilities.

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1. Locating Friends

No matter whatever app you're using, you may indicate on your profile that you're searching for friends and swipe accordingly. Even if you're primarily interested in dating, you shouldn't automatically rule out someone because you don't sense a certain level of chemistry. It's possible that the person you don't click with sexually will click with you platonically instead; they might even end up becoming one of your closest friends.

If you use the dating app Bumble, you may make a special profile with the Bumble BFF feature that is intended only for making friends. You can advertise on your profile that you're looking for buddies and locate other people who are doing the same on other apps.

2. Networking

On a dating app, keep a look out for people who are in your line of work; you never know, you might meet a mentor or colleague. Write on your profile that one of your aims is to develop professional contacts or arrange to meet up first as friends to see if any prospects arise. Even HR magazine has reported that almost one in ten UK employees use dating websites solely for networking purposes.

To locate coworkers, clients, mentors, investors, positions, employees, or even just friends in your field, you can use Bumble's "bizz" mode. You can provide details about your professional objectives, prior employment, and other topics using the profile prompts.

 3. Roommate introductions

Numerous people have additional space in their homes, and many more are constantly looking for accommodation. Dating Apps take some of the guessing out of meeting individuals you could enjoy living with because they are made to assist you identify people you'll get along with. If you're utilizing a feature to look for pals, you can mention on your profile that you're looking for a roommate.

You can even tag your profile on Bumble BFF with "roommate life."

4. Matchmaking

Even if you don't get along with someone or can tell you won't before you even meet, you might know someone who does vice versa. By selecting the "share" icon on their profile and sending it to your buddy, you may let them know about someone you found on Tinder who seems like a good fit for them.

You can ask each other to keep a look out for each other's possible mates if you and someone you meet decide that you're not meant to be together. 

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5. Linking Up with Other Event Attendees

You can use Tinder's "Festival Mode" to meet other attendees both before and during a concert or music festival if you're going. The software lets you choose the event you're going to then matches you with other attendees starting a month before the show. Additionally, you can join a "festival-goers" chatroom where you can talk to others who attend festivals that aren't mentioned on the app or who enjoy them in general.

There are other more dating applications available in addition to Tinder.

6. Getting Travel Partners

When you're on the road, it might be challenging to meet new people, especially if you're traveling alone. Wherever you are, Fairy Trail enables you to connect with other travelers or locals to make it simpler. The software is used by people in more than 100 nations to find friends, dates, and other things. Alternatively, Miss Travel enables you to connect with like-minded travelers and arrange joint vacations if you're seeking for a travel companion.

7. Meeting Individuals with Similar Interests

You will undoubtedly discover someone who shares your passions and interests, no matter how obscure they may be. Thereare a bewildering number of dating applications to reflect this. Find Fishing Dates connects people who appreciate boating and fishing, Dig connects dog lovers, and Tabby is an app for cat lovers. All of these services help you connect with people who share your hobbies.

These apps can also be used to locate individuals who have similar interests to yours and provide a judgement-freeform for discussion.

When dating as an older person, it's crucial to find someone with similar interests.

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 8. locating exercise partners

Check out Fitafy to meet other singles who share your passion for fitness if you're seeking for someone to keep you company while you work out or just to help you stay motivated. You can conduct a search for individuals who enjoy weightlifting, running, or any other activity.

With a function to discover friends and romantic partners who share similar fitness interests, Date fit has a similar principle.

9. Gaming

Some apps allow you to socialize with other geeks while enjoying your favorite games, and given how rapidly the gaming business is expanding, it won't be difficult for you to connect with someone.

You may similarly stroll about as an avatar, meet other avatars, and then view the profiles of the people behind them using the single town function of the SLIDE app.

10. Getting to Know Your Astrological Chart

Numerous dating apps also function as astrology applications, enabling you to find people who share your astrological sign and discover more about yourself. Struck analyzes your horoscope and matches you with people who have similar horoscopes; Nuit does the same while also providing daily horoscopes and astrological forecasts; and The Pattern not only aids in locating friends and partners but also educates you on each relationship based on your horoscopes.

 A Final Remark

Your success on dating apps will significantly enhance if you are open to all of the numerous sorts of relationships you might build with individuals. Try to keep an open mind when you go on a date so you can see everything this person has to offer. And using one of the elements mentioned above can assist you in finding a specific item that is outside the scope of dates or hookups!