10 Things About Free-Spirited Dating You Always Wanted to Know

Last updated: Sep 7, 2022
10 Things About Free-Spirited Dating You Always Wanted to Know

If you've ever felt like something is lacking from the typical dating avenues you've been using, from the theories of love you've been taught, or even from your existing relationship.

Online dating services and smartphone apps are catching up with the social shifts as polyamory and other permissive relationship patterns become more prevalent. You can find open relationships and other novel relationship structures on modern dating apps.

You should continue reading if you've ever felt like something is lacking from the typical dating avenues you've been using, from the theories of love you've been taught, or even from your existing relationship.

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What is Free-Spirited Dating?

Experimenting, broadening, and expressing romance, love, and relationships are key components of open-minded dating. There aren't any limitations or guidelines on how you "should" date or who you "should" be attracted to on this community. Free-spirited dating gives you the opportunity to date people of all genders, sexual orientations, and hidden interests.

Making a monogamous relationship work maybe challenging. Or perhaps you're perplexed because you're attracted to both men and women equally. Or maybe you like connecting with a variety of partners but have always felt bad about it because that's not "how you're supposed to date," right? People can date, fall in love, and experience romance without the social stigmas that have developed over time thanks to free-spirited dating.

Who Does It? 

Additionally, you don't have to be single to include free-spirited dating into your way of life. Couples who are dating on these sites together may even be finding new sexual encounters and novel ways to appreciate their romantic relationships. Open-minded dating welcomes a wide range of possibilities, including:

  • Multiple-partner relationships
  • Swingers
  • Open partnerships between couples

The term "polyamory" refers to the interest in or practice of having multiple intimate relationships. The bottom truth is that these relationships have rejected exclusivity and rejected the conventional wisdom that passionate and committed relationships must only be formed between 2 people.

Contrary to popular belief, dating without restrictions is more common. 

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What It Is Not.

Something needs to be said properly before moving forward. Those of you who believe that open-minded dating is a simple method to start and stop it should reconsider. One-night hookups, booty calls, and other types of sexual experimentation can happen on a free-spirited date, but everyone involved must be okay with it. All partners and behaviors must be completely consensual, morally righteous, and accountable. This is one of polyamory's fundamental concepts.

If your notion of sexual joy involves mistreating a non-consenting partner, feel free to search elsewhere. This form of freestyle dating isn't intended to abuse, humiliate, or harass anyone.

 Who Adopted Polyamory First?

The traditional nuclear family and monogamous relationships we view as the norm for love have only been around fora few hundred years, which may surprise you. Polyamory and polygamy have historical roots in the Greeks and have also been prevalent in China, Tibet, Nepal, and Africa. The enormous orgies that were regularly held in Mesopotamia are famous. Wide-ranging open sexual practices were also common in ancient Egypt, and China only recently amended its rules to allow for polygamous marriage.

How About Relationships That Are Open?

There are records of partners switching frequently (and in public) at swing parties among the Etruscans of Italy in the fourth century BC, and the Ionians migrated to the North Aegean Islands around675 BC, fervently proclaiming it to be a polygynist community.

Open relationships have also occurred more recently. Extramarital relationships were promoted as the purer form of love in Queen Eleanor's Court of Love. Queen Marguerite had a minimum of 12 sexual relationships during the 16th century. The argument that a successful relationship must be one-on-one is refuted by the following list.

 How Does It Operate? 

Now that we are aware of what free-spirited dating is (and is not), how does it actually operate? It is extremely easy. If you've ever gone on an internet date, you already know what to expect:

Join one of the applications or dating websites online.

Make a profile where you can post gorgeous pictures of yourself, brag about yourself, and let everyone know who you are and what you're looking for.

Using the app, you may look through other people's profiles, message possible matches, and have some flirtation.

If everything goes as planned, you two (or three, four, etc.) will hook up and see where things go from there.

What Apps Are Best to Use?

Feeld, Ashley Madison, and other top free spirit dating apps are just a few examples. You can also use some popular dating services that are more accepting, such Zoosk and Black People Meet App. Because they are more established (you can trust the services, don't have to worry about online hacking, and know that the matches you're finding have already been vetted), have a much bigger pool of potential dates, and are more accessible, you might choose a standard dating site instead of the exclusively open relationship options. Top dating services like Zoosk and EliteS ingles also feature more advanced dating algorithms, allowing you to swiftly narrow down your options and locate the kind of like-minded individuals you're looking for.

 You might even want to try your luck on more experienced dating websites like Ourtime.com, Silver Singles, or older singles exclusively if you're over 40 to 50 years old. The older users might be more receptive to unconventional dating.

 Would You Enjoy an Open-Minded Date?

Of course, not everyone should choose a free-spirited partner. Due to dating the wrong person or the wrong kind of person, some people have become weary of dating. For instance, you probably dated men if you are a lesbian but haven't accepted that fact yet. No matter how fantastic he is, that guy can never fulfill your need for a long-lasting relationship because he lacks what you need.

Not sure if you and open-minded dating area good fit? If you're inquisitive, consider posing these queries to yourself:

Do you find it difficult to maintain a long-term relationship?

Have you ever been unfaithful, and if so, how often? 

Do you frequently find yourself in friendships with advantages?

Do you ever feel constrained or confined in love relationships?

Are you social by nature?

Do you often wish you were a threesome?

Do you relish trying new things?

 How Does Jealousy Fit In? 

You probably date with a lot of spontaneity if you indicated yes to many of these questions. However, if you respond in the affirmative to any of the following queries, you are likely happier in a more conventional partnership and simply haven't found the right one yet:

Would it be difficult for you to witness your boyfriend kissing someone else?

Are you naturally a jealous person?

Are you willing to be a faithful partner?

Freestyle Love & Fun Finding

The year is 2022, and every day the world gets better, bigger, and more thrilling. Your love life can change with liberated dating. Explore your alternatives in a free, accepting, and charged environment that won't force you to defend yourself, ask pointless questions, or take your attention away from the main reason you're in a relationship: taking advantage of every moment you have together.