10 Simple Valentine’s Day Displays of Love for Your Date

Last updated: Sep 14, 2022
10 Simple Valentine’s Day Displays of Love for Your Date

Here are ten simple ways to express your love on Valentine's Day to your partner.

Valentine's Day is promoted as the day of love when you can express your love to the one you care about. It goes without saying that you can do this with your significant other, as well as friends, family, or other loved ones, any day of the year. On the other hand, if you decide to celebrate on February 14th, you can do so in a variety of ways.

Are you unsure about how to tell your partner or a new crush you just met on a dating app that you like them? The good news is that you can do it without shelling out thousands of dollars or purchasing two tickets for a trip on a sunny island.

Here are ten simple ways to express your love on Valentine's Day to your partner.


1. Purchase them a floral arrangement.

Not just women appreciate receiving flowers, though. Not at all; everyone does! You can't go wrong by getting your date a lovely bouquet of flowers, regardless of your gender identity, the person you're dating, or the length of time you two have been together.

Red roses are typically thought of as the most beautiful flower to present someone as a statement of your love, but any kind of flower will do (even weeds, as long as you pick the pretty ones). Bonus points if you know and purchase their preferred flower kind.

Even dried flowers seem beautiful. They also endure forever, which is really romantic, especially if you want to convey to the other person that your love is also meant to live forever.

Purchase a bunch of flower can display your love on Valentine's Day.

2. Compose a love letter to them.

For some who don't feel comfortable getting mushy or sentimental with anyone, being open and vulnerable with a new relationship may cause anxiety. However, expressing your emotions is free and can significantly improve your relationship with your partner.

Consider writing your significant other a letter outlining some of the qualities you appreciate about them, the ways they improve your life, and the things you value most in your connection or your past time together. Making your date feel valued and loved on Valentine's Day and beyond can be accomplished with a few simple words of affirmation.

Composing a love letter can display your love on Valentine's Day.

3. Prepare them food.

On Valentine's Day, you and your partner can undoubtedly go out to a fancy (and certainly busy) restaurant. That is a wonderful, traditional way to celebrate the occasion, and you can be sure that you won't have to do any cleanup or dishwashing after you eat a good lunch. But depending on when you two can spend time with that day, you can also prepare them a beautiful meal from the comfort of your own home for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Additionally, eating at home is much less expensive than eating out!

Consider what delectable dish you could prepare for them. What is their preferred cuisine? Or what is the most recent meal they have mentioned wanting to try? Offer them breakfast in bed as a surprise. when they get home from work, have a dinner prepared at home ready for them. Make an enjoyable recipe you discovered on Pinterest and try it out. Whatever you do, pretend to be a chef for the day to win them over.

Preparing for food can display your love on Valentine's Day.

4. Make them desserts.

Traditional Valentine's Day sweets include cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles, sugar cookies in the shape of hearts, and chocolate-covered strawberries. What snacks does your partner enjoy? Or what is their preferred sweet? Whatever it is, think of making them a tasty gift to give them for Valentine's Day. Sweets are sure to make everyone happy.

Additionally, some chocolates are regarded as aphrodisiacs. The "love chemical" phenylethylamine and "happy hormones" like serotonin that eating chocolate releases in the brain may be to blame, according to a 2021 study published in Cureus. Therefore, if you prepare anything for them that day that contains chocolate, it can easily result in heated discussions later that night.

Making them desserts can display your love on Valentine's Day.

5. Create a picture album.

This won't be the finest gift choice for you if you haven't been dating your Valentine for a while or if you actually just connected with them on dating websites a few weeks ago.

However, you can create a personalized photo album for your spouse if you've been together for at least a few months or if you've had enough time to gather images. This is a unique way to keep a record of the memories and encounters you had while dating. Stickers, artwork, and other keepsakes or expressions of love accumulated over the course of your relationship can be added. Get imaginative and creative with it.

Creating album can display your love on Valentine's Day.

6. Present a box of chocolates to them.

Nobody dislikes receiving chocolates on Valentine's Day, right? Those delectable treats are sure to make anyone feel better. Additionally, a 2017 study reported in Frontiers in Psychology reveals that people react favorably to red roses and chocolate on Valentine's Day more so than at other times of the year. Consequently, what better method is there to express your love to your date than by giving them flowers (which we also suggested doing above) and/or a box of chocolates?

They might even divide the box with you if you're lucky. Don't worry if it's not. On February 15th, you may always go to a grocery or convenience shop and purchase a box (or five) for yourself to enjoy as they are typically marked down by up to 50% off!

Presenting a box of chocolates can display your love on Valentine's Day.

7. Bear in mind a little point they made.

Have you recently heard your significant other express a genuine desire for something without implying that they want you to buy it for them? Did the new person you've been obsessing on casually mention to you that they enjoy a particular confectionery or have a particular book on their to-read list?

Think long and hard to come up with a surprise for them, or even go back through your text threads for inspiration! Remembering the tiny cues they've given you in the past will demonstrate that you pay attention when they share things with you, show them that you care about them, and demonstrate your desire to make them happy.

Bearing in mind that the little point you made can display your love on Valentine's Day.

8. Massage the person.

Couples' massages are not only exceedingly pricey but also incredibly romantic. So why not stay at home and do it yourself to save all that cash?

Giving your date a sensuous massage is a terrific approach to deepen the intimacy. Light some candles, dim the lights, and play a playlist of sensual or calming music. At the end of the day, give them some tender physical touch to make them feel good.

Use massage candles that burn oil or specially formulated massage oil for this purpose. If it's edible, bonus points! The future? They might even pay you back.

(Pro tip: Real massage oils work far better than massage candles, which occasionally feel slightly waxy rather than oily. However, playing with them can still be entertaining. In order to prevent allergic reactions, always read the ingredients list and test products on the back of your hand before applying them liberally to your or your date's body.)

Massging can display your love on Valentine's Day.

9. Do them a favor or do some service.

Anybody's day can be made better by a tiny deed of kindness or favor. Another common love language for many people is acts of service. As a result, this act can truly stand out and be appreciated by your date if that is their love language or if you are just trying to be nice to them.

Want some suggestions for what to do? If you share a home or a bed on Valentine's Day and your partner works, set your alarm for a little earlier than usual and make them a beautiful breakfast or a pot of coffee to take with them. You can also take care of one of the duties on their to-do list that they typically detest doing, make the bed, do the dishes (if you haven't already), or clean your house.

Doing them favor to do service can display your love on Valentine's Day.

10. Take time for one another.

Gifts that effectively express your affection include handwritten cards, flowers, chocolates, plush animals, and stuffed animals. The best presents, however, are two that are completely free: your time and presence.

The memories you create together will last a lifetime, so have a conversation with your date and come up with a romantic or fun activity you can both enjoy. Base your plan on things you both enjoy doing or have been wanting to do for a while. Time is precious. Memories last a lifetime. So, in order to make this Valentine's Day one to remember, put your phones away, stay away from outside distractions, and give each other your entire attention.

Remember that showing your love doesn't have to be extravagant. Handwritten love notes, homemade meals, and flowers are some of the nicest presents because they are inexpensive or free and are given from the heart. Show your boyfriend or crush how much you care by spoiling them with one of these presents. Don't panic if you don't have a date for Valentine's Day. Meeting new people is never too late. To take a step toward next year's celebration, try any of the best online dating sites right now. You can rejoice in your friendships and self-love until then. Valentine's Day greetings!

Taking time for another can display your love on Valentine's Day.

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