10 Self-Assurance Tricks to Make You Attractive During Dating

Last updated: Sep 14, 2022
10 Self-Assurance Tricks to Make You Attractive During Dating

Here are our top ten confidence-boosting suggestions to help you appear and feel more seductive to potential partners.

You've probably heard the adage that one of the sexiest personality traits a person can possess is confidence. And there's a good explanation for that. Since they are self-assured and don't hesitate to pursue their goals, those who exude confidence naturally tend to get more dates with better quality women.

Look no further if you want to learn how to feel more confident or how to get over feeling insecure. Here are our top ten confidence-boosting suggestions to help you appear and feel more seductive to potential partners.

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1. Be proud of yourself.

Many people find it amusing to make fun of oneself or to make self-deprecating jokes. And to be honest, those remarks do occasionally make people laugh! Yet at what price? Making fun of yourself typically results in you coming off as insecure or as someone who is eager for compliments, both of which are undesirable traits.

Confident people frequently speak favorably of both them and other people. They don't criticize themselves or speak critically about their abilities, appearance, or personal traits. When you talk positively about yourself, it shows that you are confident.

Whether you feel confident or not, you should refrain from stating statements like:

  • I can't believe I just said or did that; I'm so stupid.
  • Wow, how annoying is my voice.
  • I look awful right now, ugh.
  • Do not behave in this manner, even if you feel this way. Don't be afraid to put up a show. If your confidence is on the line, trust us when we say those jokes are never as funny or cute as you think they are.

Being proud of yourself can make you attractive during dating.

2. Avoid becoming overly sensitive.

When you are confident, you are certain of who you are, what you can do, and what you can contribute. It's a clear indication that you lack confidence if you take seriously every little item, observation, or bit of criticism.

When someone shares their opinions with us, it's only natural for us to wonder about their motivations. However, the truth is that most of the time, what others say about you is really more about them. However, it usually ends up being more about you when you begin to personalize them or become defensive in reaction. So let loose and stop taking things so seriously. It looks lot better.

Avoid being overly sensitive can make you attractive during dating.

3. Admit your faults.

Nobody is flawless. You can compare yourself to those who seem to have it all together all you want, but in actuality, no one does, despite what their carefully managed social media feed would suggest.

We all have flaws, so embrace yours! It's sexy to accept your defects because it shows that you are confident in all aspects of yourself, even the less desirable ones. They suddenly become more beautiful as a result of the fact that you don't let them upset you (or at least seem like they don't) though. and you are too.

Admitting your faults can make you attractive during dating.

4. Consider the positive.

Some people automatically see the glass as being half full rather than half empty. They frequently anticipate the worst, assume people have ulterior motives, and believe that everyone is out to get them, whether this is because of a mental health issue like depression or simply because they have a gloomy attitude on life for whatever reason. Being around such energy is really stressful, and it's an even more draining quality to have in a potential romantic partner.

Try to see the bright side as much as you can, even if it can be easier said than done. A positive outlook on life and attitude reflect a high sense of confidence in oneself, the world, and those around them.

Life can be difficult enough. Everyone avoids being around Debbie Downers. Dating someone with a positive outlook on life can make every day more cheerful and serve as a reminder that a little self-assurance can go a long way. Be that person that sees the glass as half full as often as you can.

Considering the positive can make you attractive during dating.

5. Have interests and pastimes.

Someone with independent hobbies is very alluring. Create and preserve a life separate from your relationship. Take part in the pastimes you find most enjoyable. Continue honing your talents and learning more about the subjects that genuinely grab your attention.

Whatever your interests are—whether it's composing music, playing video games, collecting antiques, hanging out with pals, or going to the gym every day—pursue them passionately. You're more likely to come across as confident to someone you just started chatting to if you have interests in common with them, and it also ensures you'll have a healthy connection with someone who doesn't require all of your time and attention.

Having hobbies and pastimes can make you attractive during dating.

6. Be who you are.

We're all a little odd, I guess. Some of us are really strange. We can still be incredibly charming despite our peculiarities and distinctive personalities, unless you come off as insecure.

Being really yourself is one of the sexiest things you can do. So don't be afraid to be authentic with the person you just started a conversation with. Accept it if you enjoy a program that other people generally despise. If you occasionally sing words or do a happy dance when you receive good news, do it without worrying about being judged. Be yourself and feel good about it. That perfectly encapsulates confidence!

Being who you are  can make you attractive during dating.

7. Pursue your goals.

A self-assured individual has no problem pursuing their true desires. They willingly move forward to take the initiative and put in the effort necessary to try to make that dream a reality, whether it be a person they want to date or a profession they want to work.

You won't always get what you want, and some things won't go as expected. But a desirable trait that many individuals lack owing to anxiety is the self-assurance to try and go for it in the first place (of judgment, of failure, of many things). A healthy amount of assertiveness demonstrates that you believe you are worthy and deserving of whatever it is that you want, which is something that many insecure people find difficult to do and so won't do at all.

Pursuing your goals  can make you attractive during dating.

8. Communicate honestly.

People who express their sentiments come across as being confident enough in themselves to understand their needs, feelings, and communication methods. This is evident in the way they communicate with others, including those they interact with in person and on dating apps.

Open up and put honest communication first if you want to come across as more attractive. To communicate your needs, wants, and ambitions with the person you're dating, practice leaning in.

Don't be shy about flirting with someone you like, either! No matter how it's perceived, showing them that you're interested in them is attractive and a display of confidence.

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Communicating honestly  can make you attractive during dating.

9. Employ nonverbal clues.

Having confidence is not just something you say. Additionally, your mannerisms can give the impression that you are confident.

To appear more assured and attractive, try one or more of these body language suggestions:

  • Do not cross your arms.
  • Stand and sit up straight, and keep your feet firmly planted. Spread your shoulders, chest, and stomach out.
  • keep your head held high.
  • When conversing, lean in and use your hands.
  • keep acceptable eye contact (without being creepy)
  • Using open body language will give the person you're chatting to or going on a date with signals that you're into them and in the moment. Attempting to mimic their body language may also help you feel more confident.

Employing your nonverbal clues  can make you attractive during dating.

10. Attend counseling.

While not the simplest or most enjoyable tip on our list, this one is quite powerful. You can always consult a therapist if you're having trouble boosting your confidence (even after attempting these strategies).

You can address the underlying causes of your insecurity or inability to develop the confidence you desire by visiting a mental health expert or going to counseling. Additionally, they may provide you with tailored advice on how to deal with your doubts and improve your mood every day so that you feel even more attractive than you do right now.

Attending conseling can make you attractive during dating.

11. Increase confidence.

Be confident that you can get more confident (see what we did there?). And when you do, you won't just look more appealing; you'll also feel more attractive.

Gaining more self-assurance will also aid your dating success. The more self-assured you become, the more likely it is that you will connect with higher caliber singles on the top online dating sites like Zoosk, Elite Singles, or whichever one you decide to utilize. A little self-assurance may go a long way! In order to feel better and start dating better, give yourself a confidence boost today.

Increasing confidence can make you attractive during dating.