10 Relationship Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

Last updated: Sep 29, 2022
10 Relationship Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

There are frequently red flags in a relationship. These are indications that you would readily see in your friend's new romantic partner but miss in your own.

You could feel as though you're walking on clouds when you start a new relationship with someone you like. However, a seemingly perfect match could also make you blind to severe harmful habits as well as deaf to them.

These can include personality problems that are incurable, such as borderline, narcissistic, and antisocial personality disorders, to name a few. 

There are frequently red flags—indicators that something is off. These are indications that you would readily see in your friend's new romantic partner but miss in your own. A brief film about dating red flags is provided below.

Red flags in a relationship can transform a loving connection into an unpleasant and painful one if they are disregarded. And it will eventually become more agonizing the deeper you go. Fortunately, there are warning signs along the road that point out specific habits and urge you to leave the situation before it becomes too serious. 

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14 Relationship Red Flags to Watch Out For

What relationship red flags are there? I've listed various relationship red flags below, along with examples of how they could manifest:

1. Moves Too Quickly

One of my clients recently began dating a coworker. He intended to meet the family within three weeks, which he did at a Christmas celebration. That's not all, though. He desired to settle in. He got serious and started talking about getting married and having kids. thirty days! If that isn't a warning sign, then what is?

You will get to see the best sides of the individual throughout the first three weeks. In the beginning of a relationship, no one truly reveals their personality. They are, after all, courting you. However, keep an eye out because they do provide enough information. The situation is a "Amber Alert."

My client was aggressively encouraged to date her coworker for at least 1.5 to 2 years in order to get to know him better.

Precaution: One of the most obvious relationship red flags is when someone is moving too quickly. This suggests that they are either in a desperate situation or are trying to catch you before you learn their dark, sinister truth.

10 Relationship Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

2. Mounts You on a Column

Here's another illustration: After only a few weeks of dating, "Jane's" new partner elevated her. She was "ideal" to him. Having someone constantly stare at you with adoration may appear pleasant, but it's actually unsettling and frightening.

In three months, he made a proposal. She consented. He quickly discovered that she was a poor housekeeper and a poor cook. Fights followed. Their relationship deteriorated due to constant disagreements. He was oblivious to her imperfections due to her unquestionable beauty. He had such high expectations for her that when he finally saw her, he was devastated.

In the article "Why It's Unhealthy to Put Someone on a Pedestal," it's explained that elevating someone doesn't just entail highlighting all of their positive traits. It also entails assuming traits they don't even possess and failing to see their flaws. You regard your lover as flawless, superior (to you and everyone else), and not as a flawed human being.

Keep in mind that if you are elevated, there is only one way to go: down. You'll become aware of your flaws. By this time, your "admirer" will be aware that you are not who you claimed to be—which, of course, you were not. Nobody is.

Watch out for people who elevate you. You can't stay there and sleep forever.

3. They're Impolite or Careless

Be on the lookout if your new guy starts ranting at the server while you're out on a date because something about his order was wrong. Alternatively, he jerks his car through traffic while screaming profanities. These actions are among the biggest dating red flags since they scream out anger management concerns.

A young woman I recently treated confided in me about her horrible marriage. She admitted to seeing early warning signs when I asked her if she thought they were significant, but she also said that she didn't think they were.

Otherwise, she said, "He was really lovely." He's had a tough day at work, she reasoned as she dismissed them. Alternatively, "I should have ordered dinner on time."

Never try to rationalize away someone else's unrelentingly angry behavior. With time, it only becomes worse. In this instance, it came to a violent end when she almost lost her life and finally left the marriage to enter a Battered Woman's Shelter.

To see potential dating red flags, try to learn as much as you can about your new partner's past. One of the relationship red flags is if they consistently display rage. Take into consideration stopping it.

4. They Show No Respect

How do you feel about your partner? Does he make fun of you? Does he make significant decisions without seeking your advice? Do you feel embarrassed around him? When you're not around, does he turn to gaze at other ladies or men?

He can disregard what you have to say as "insignificant" or "dumb," or he might disparage your effort. It is disrespectful to have a spouse that doesn't put you first and won't spend time with your family. Although no relationship is flawless, you shouldn't let yourself be mistreated, ignored, or undervalued in any manner.

"Healthy relationships are all about establishing and respecting one another's boundaries, and a partner who repeatedly ignores or tramples all over your boundaries—whether it's in the bedroom or outside of it—clearly doesn't respect you enough," states the article "9 Signs Your Partner Doesn't Respect You Enough." 

5. They Cling Too Much

Another warning sign is if the person you're dating is overly possessive. How clinging is too clingy? Someone who clings to you all the time is excessively clingy. You are where their life begins and ends. They are completely dependent on you and have nothing else. They resemble being joined at the hip. They'll say you don't love them if you want some time to yourself.

Such a woman I once knew. She was listening intently to her spouse. She was at his feet, gazing up at him in adoration while he played the guitar. Who wouldn't want to be loved, after all? But admiration might become bitter. You'll eventually experience a suffocating sensation.

Private time is crucial. A red flag to look out for is if your spouse just wants to do things with you and you can see they have no other interests.

10 Relationship Red Flags You Should Not Ignore

6. They Have Master Manipulative Skills

It's likely that you're being manipulated if you experience fear, responsibility, or guilt. You will have a sense of helplessness, disorientation, and heartedness as a result of manipulators' numerous strategies for attaining what they want from you.

Any effort made to influence another person's behavior or emotions can also be referred to as manipulation. 

Everyone has engaged in manipulation at some point. Most of the time, it's innocuous, like when you ask your partner to pick a restaurant or where the family should go on their upcoming vacation. But it's best to stay away from the "master manipulator" at all costs. Fear is one of their most powerful weapons. To accomplish their objectives, they'll use violence or threaten you. Over time, all they need to convince you to agree with their requests is a frightening tone and scary body language.

The silent treatment is another potent weapon in the manipulator's arsenal. If you don't comply with their demands, they'll just cease communicating with you and act as if you don't exist. One of the most agonizing forms of punishment is this.

Another common strategy is to take advantage of your insecurities. Consider the scenario where you are self-conscious about your appearance. Your con artist will take advantage of it by claiming, "With the way you look, only I will ever love you!" There are numerous other ways that manipulators can get what they want; these are just a few.

7. Exudes a seesaw mentality

Be on the lookout for someone with a seesaw attitude. You feel like you're on a seesaw—up one minute, down the next—hence the expression I came up with.

This person has the ability to go between being affectionate and hateful at any time. They can act in a repulsive and harsh manner that makes you feel confused, terrified, and confined, and then all of a sudden they'll act sweet and endearing. If you let your defenses down, they can revert to being a monster. It's impossible to predict when or how long it will endure.

Run, hide, and don't look back if you see this red flag waving!

8. Secret Keeper/Vague

Be cautious if the person you're dating intentionally keeps things unclear and private. There is probably something going on in the background if they refuse to talk to you about their past, what they do for a living, or anything about their family.

There are a few ways to tell if someone is hiding something from you:

They all of a sudden exhibit the greatest kindness. Even though it might not seem like a big deal, it might be, especially if it differs from their usual conduct.

They possess their smartphone far too fiercely. Calls are answered in a different area, and they never divulge their code. They also carry it everywhere (including the bathroom). When you confront them, they overreact, making you feel angry for even bringing it up. They keep their whereabouts and histories to themselves. For example, "I'm leaving!" You ask where? Just leave!

Unless it involves a surprise party, a secret should not be disregarded. In a relationship, it's a major warning sign that you shouldn't try to explain, excuse, or rationalize away.

9. They Ignore You

You have a serious issue on your hands if your lover gaslights you. The best at this are narcissists.

Describe gaslighting. It's essentially a form of manipulation. The gaslighter will attempt to undermine your confidence and make you feel insane. He has numerous options for doing this. He might, for instance, belittle or make you feel as though your feelings are unimportant. He'll frequently say that you "overreacted."

The act of disputing whatever you say is another gaslighting tactic. Your spouse will challenge your recollection, invent new information, or dispute what happened. Another method is to forget or deny. If you mention a specific incident, they can say, "I don't remember that," in response. Also, "You're nuts. That never took place.

People who have been gaslighted begin to doubt themselves and their memories. It's like being trapped in a mental hell having to live with someone like them. Keep an eye out for that warning sign, then flee as quickly as you can.

10. They Cut You Off from Your Friends and Family

It is extremely concerning when someone makes repeated demands to keep you apart from your friends and family. It might begin gradually. Saying, "Why don't you stay home tonight; I'm going to miss you so much!" is an example of what your partner might say. My infant must be close by. You could at first feel flattered, but this often develops into a trend.

If your partner wants to keep you to themselves, this could be a subtle sign that a domestic dispute is about to start. The man begins to distance you from your closest friends and family. Over time, you get to believe that he is the only person you have, which is exactly what your partner desires. So, yeah, this is yet another relationship red flag to watch out for.

Any form of isolation is not only harmful, it is also unflattering.

Steps to Take

Don't fall for the fallacy that you can salvage a relationship by turning a red flag into a green one. These indicate a potentially harmful companion. It's time to consult a professional or a dependable family member or friend if you see one of the relationship's warning signs listed above.

The aforementioned red flags and the people who raise them, in my experience, rarely, if ever, change for the better. It won't be long until the conduct gets worse. After that, it resembles lighting a match and dropping it into a gasoline vat. You'll be alright if you heed the warning.


The most essential thing in our life may be a happy, fulfilled relationship, but it can also do the most harm when it deteriorates. A healthy relationship is one that offers support and encouragement and is characterized by trust, kindness, respect, understanding, and generosity.

Violence, mistrust, cruelty, a lack of accountability, an imbalance of power, finger-pointing, deceit, or intense jealousy are all signs of an unhealthy relationship.

Physical and mental harm can arise from a relationship if there is a lack of respect and attention. Recognize these red flags, pay attention to the warning signals, and leave right away.