10 Important Green Flags When Dating in the Talking Stage

Last updated: Sep 1, 2022
10 Important Green Flags When Dating in the Talking Stage

Having a conversation may be exciting.There are a ton of options, but it might also be a waste of time.

Having a conversation may be exciting.There are a ton of options, but it might also be a waste of time. What if you meet in person after all that messaging and find there is no chemistry? What if they have a charming personality but aren't a good long-term match? Knowing the tell tale signals that the talking stage is progressing well is therefore useful.Here are 10 warning signs that are green.

Before meeting in person, you might communicate with someone you met online by text message or even video chat. Even afterward, these activities could control your relationship. The chatting stage is the period during which two people get to know one another before going on a date. (Check out eharmony, OurTime, or some of the finest gay dating websites to meet someone you can start a conversation with.)


1. Your Questions Are Customized by Them

When they first meet someone, a lot of people use cliched queries like "How's your day going?" and"What are you doing this weekend?" This is not a deal breaker right away. They might simply not have much information. A potential spouse, though, should earn huge marks for going above and beyond that.

Someone who is paying attention will inquire about your profile's hobbies, any activities you indicated participating in, and other personal information. This demonstrates their concern for you, their ability to listen well, and their desire to leave a positive first impression.

2. You Always Have Something to Say

Physical chemistry is crucial, but if two people don't have much to talk about, their conversation won't go very far. It's crucial that you both feel as though the discussion is organically flowing and that you have enough in common to spend a lot of time together without getting bored.

3. They're Making a Sexual Move

Someone who uses flirty emoticons or other covert flirtation signals, such as teasing or compliments, is likely not afraid to play the field.

After all, you want someone who expresses their admiration for you. Just make sure you're following suit.

4. They React Quickly to Questions

When you have to wait days for a response,the person is either too busy or doesn't prioritize dating. If, on the other hand, they typically respond to your messages within an hour or two, that implies they are available and have the time for you, which you will undoubtedly value if you need them to be an emotional support system.

5.They Are Honest With You

Someone is capable of handling the intimate and perhaps challenging conversations that will certainly arise in a relationship if they are able to move past small talk and open up about their emotions,dreams, hopes, and anxieties.

They are not required to immediately disclose personal information, but they also shouldn't be keeping it a secret.

6. They Make Their Wants Clear

It's critical to establish at the outset what each party is seeking, so that nobody wastes time and everyone is aware of what to anticipate.

Even while it's not necessary to have serious chats straight away, the willingness to convey the type of relationship they desire is a sign of a strong communicator. This includes their preferred level of informality or seriousness as well as the qualities they seek in aromatic relationship.

7. You Feel At Ease Talking to Them

Making you feel comfortable enough to open out to someone else is equally vital. This entails interacting with you empathically rather than critically and attempting to understand your viewpoint rather than forcing their own on you.

If you know you can openly express what'son your mind, you will eventually become closer to them.

8. They Make a Good Case for Their Family

Being close to one's family indicates that a person values connections and has the ability to get along with others.

Of course, not everyone has good family ties,and sometimes we have no influence over it. But it's equally encouraging if they can take stock of their challenging family dynamics and learn from them.It implies that they are resilient and have an optimistic outlook on life.

9. They Relate Well to Their Exes

Not all former relationships are happy ones. However, it's a positive indication that someone is committed to treating their partners well no matter what if they talk about an ex with respect, even if things didn't work out between them.

Their ex is still pals with them? Better still! That requires emotional intelligence. However, if someone repeatedly complains or disparages their ex, this may indicate that they lack the ability to resolve disputes amicably.

10. They're Speculating a Meeting

There should be a limit to how long you converse before meeting up. Finding someone you love spending time with face-to-face is the whole goal, after all. If it has been weeks and they still haven't suggested a meeting, make a suggestion of your own. If there is no real-world connection, there is no use in wasting time communicating.

Once you've connected, you can continue keeping an eye out for these signs. In the end, talking on stage red flags are similar to first date red flags.

While it lasts, enjoy the speaking platform.

Keep things informal and savor the thrill of meeting someone new. Enjoy the novelty while it lasts because the talking stage won't last forever. Of course, be cautious and keep an eye out for warning signs, such as someone consistently canceling plans at the last minute, acting rudely to wait staff, or talking incessantly about an ex.