10 Ideal Open Lines for Online Dating

Last updated: Sep 27, 2022
10 Ideal Open Lines for Online Dating

It's imperative to avoid clichés in initial lines while under so much pressure to stand out. Here are a couple one-liners for starting messages to help you get more responses.

An open line can make all the difference in online dating. It's not surprising that the majority of singles mention in their profiles that they're want to meet someone with a wonderful sense of humor.

Based on their appeal to your primary photo and the crucially vital engaging first message that ends up in their inbox, a possible match will decide whether you are swipe-right worthy.

It's imperative to avoid clichés in initial lines while under so much pressure to stand out. The overused question "How was your weekend?" and the one-word greeting "Hey" are no longer acceptable. Here are a couple one-liners for starting messages to help you get more responses.

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1. Constantly pose inquiries

When a match's profile piques your interest, the quickest approach to get a response from them is to ask them a question. Asking only one question, which demonstrates that you've looked over their profile and given some consideration to your initial message, will avoid the deposition-style line of questions and keep things simple.

I advise you to always include their first name or their dating app username in your opening line. By doing this, you'll avoid coming out as a spammer who sends the identical copy-and-paste message to every possible suitor.

Inquire specifically about one of the images they posted as part of their profile:

"Hello [fill in name]! Beautiful gardens can be seen on your profile. The photograph was taken where?

"Hello [fill in name]! It's awesome that you were able to take a picture with Adam Lambert. How did you first meet him?

"Hello [fill in name]! It's wonderful that you enjoy hiking. Which trail did you use in the picture?

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2. Mention Some Special Holidays

Looking at a holiday calendar is a great backup if you have no idea where to start. Think of it as your handy cheat sheet. On Time and Date's website, where you can learn about holidays like Hug Your Cat Day and Drive-in Movie Day, you can find the one that I think is amusing and effective.

I recommend viewing the calendar to find some interesting events in the upcoming week, so your date will view you as a master of trivia.

-Is it World Emoji Day or National Online Ring Day? Take it up with your opponent.

-International Picnic Day, Onion Ring Day, International Joke Day, Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, and World Emoji Day are a few entertaining summer holidays. You can query this calendar by using phrases like:

-It's National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day today, did you know that? What do you prefer, dark chocolate or milk?

-Do you know that today is World Emoji Day?

-Salutations on National Drive-In Movie Day! What movie did you watch most recently?

-Do you like Christmas? How do you usually spend the holiday?

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3. Include a GIF

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about animated pictures?

According to Tinder data, your chances of receiving a response increase by 30% if you include a GIF in your message.

By inserting an illustrative GIF in your message, Bumble and other apps let you add fun to your communication.

This is how it goes. You'll see a GIF symbol to the right or beneath "Your Message" once you've been matched and are in communication mode. You can use that symbol to search the GIF library by clicking on it.

With your opening statement, you can send a potential date a rose, a bottle of digital champagne, or a glass of wine. If you type "sunny" into the search bar, you'll find a selection of joyful GIFs to greet your date for the day.

It's entertaining to add a smiley face or wink emoji to your communications in addition to the gift of a GIF to indicate that you are flirting.

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4. Focus on the Music

Shakespeare is famous for saying things like "If music is the food of affection, play on." Because discussing music is a wonderful icebreaker, many dating apps provide a function where you can integrate your Spotify account with your profile. 

To help you find matches based on similar musical tastes, Bumble and Tinder have teamed up with Spotify. Now it's simple to determine your date's preferred musical genre.

Concerts are once again on the calendar, and fans of music festivals are adding acts like the Foo Fighters to their bucket lists for Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and BottleRock. To find out if you two have similar musical tastes, you might ask your possible date these questions.

  • Are you a fan of music? What musician is your favorite?
  • What was the most recent concert you saw?
  • What band do you wish to watch at a concert the next time?

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You may use your favorite song as your musical anthem on apps like Tinder. For instance, I utilized the Rolling Stones song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" to entice another Stones fan. When you post your anthem song, it's easy for someone to question if you've ever seen that band or artist perform live and, if so, where and when.

I advise sending your match a message where you fill in the blanks with another lyric from the same song when you see someone else's theme song posted and you both enjoy the same music.

But if you give it a shot, you could just find what you need!

When did you start being a Stones fan? They are my all-time favorite band.

5. Express a Love for Travel

What destinations are on your bucket list? On dating apps, it's one of the most often asked questions.

Today's population has a pent-up need for vacations, and the majority of singles enjoy discussing their favorite travel experiences.

Everyone enjoys sharing their trip experiences and future travel plans.

Ask your match, "If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you like to go?" if they haven't provided travel pictures or a list of their ideal holidays in their profiles.

Ask your match about their adventures if they've uploaded 30 pictures of their travels to the Caribbean, Italy, or an African safari: "How fortunate for you that you were able to visit Italy before the shutdown. Which cities have you been to?

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7. Find Out Which Shows They Binge Watch. 

Since so much of dating has moved online, watching streaming has become a common past time for many singles. So, whether you binge-watched alone or with a family member, the moment to ask your date about their favorite shows is now.

Since last year, most singles have switched from Netflix and relax to quarantine and chill, but it's likely that your date has spent countless hours in front of the TV binge-watching his or her favorite programs.

Share some of your favorite shows with your match because we all have them.

Asking your potential date for suggestions on a binge-worthy show is a great way to obtain some professional entertainment advise. You're sure to get a response if you inquire about these shows.

"If you're anything like me, you undoubtedly watched quite a few episodes online last year. Which two of your favorites may I add to my list? What TV series are you currently watching? What was your favorite show that you binge-watched while in quarantine?”

Though you can be more specific and tailor your message to a certain genre, keep in mind that discussing comedy is typically a wise move. I recently completed watching Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, and I'm really looking forward to the second season. What is the funniest show you've recently binge-watched?

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8. Discuss food

While I don't advise sending an eggplant emoji, asking your date about their favorite dish, eatery, or recipe is always a wonderful icebreaker because food is an aphrodisiac.

-Which toppings on a pizza, pepperoni or barbecue chicken, would you prefer?

-Looking forward to October 1st being International Coffee Day? Do you prefer Peet's or Starbucks?

-Where would you choose to eat if you could choose any restaurant in the city?

-What recipe, if any, would you like to pass on to the next generation?

-What is your favorite cuisine to post on Instagram?

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9. State the Match Percentages

Match rates always pique my interest, and I think you will too. You may view the degree of member compatibility on various dating websites, like OkCupid and Match.

Although online chemistry cannot replace offline chemistry, these percentages are a great place to start.

It's a terrific icebreaker to find out why you are compatible or where the gap is if the app indicates that you are a 90% match or above.

I suggest including the following in your opening statement:

  • "Hello [fill in name]! We were rated as 92% compatible by Match. Do you believe the computer algorithms correctly predicted it?
  • "Hello [fill in name]! On OkCupid, I see that we are a 99% match. The highest I've ever seen is that. Are you interested in learning the cause?

10. Offer a compliment to them

Since you're using a dating app to meet someone you're attracted to, it should go without saying that flattery is effective.

It's your cue to send the ideal first message when you see a picture of someone with a killer smile or holding a puppy.

To begin, try one of these, and don't forget to mention their name:

  • "Hello [fill in name]! Has anyone ever told you that your smile has the power to stop traffic?
  • "Hello [fill in name]! Your puppy pictures are really sweet. What's the name of your pug?
  • "Hello [fill in name]! Your lovely emerald eyes are the best. Did your mum or father give them to you?

One-Liners Are Good to Keep in Your Pocket

When looking for love online, it can be challenging to recall who you have written to specifically. Although Match.com makes it possible for you to view your past relationships, you must still be unique and imaginative.

You may avoid repeatedly sending the same message to someone you're interested in by stocking up on one-liners for every situation. If you repeatedly copy and paste the same messages to the same recipients, your uniqueness will lose its appeal.

Get ready to start speaking because after you hear back from your online crush, you'll need to keep the banter going until you schedule a date. These one-liner tactics will help you increase your response rate.