10 Hidden Signs to Tell if He Wants an Open Relationship

Last updated: Sep 27, 2022
10 Hidden Signs to Tell if He Wants an Open Relationship

There are numerous indications that a spouse could want to switch from a monogamous to a non-monogamous or open relationship.

There are numerous indications that a spouse could want to switch from a monogamous to a non-monogamous or open relationship. Particularly if they have been monogamous from the start, people may find it quite difficult to bring up the idea of expanding their relationship to a partner. Let's look at these warning flags and how to discuss them with your partner to get clarification.

You two have been together for a while, and you've always felt like your routine and connection are strong. However, lately, things have changed. You are unable to pinpoint the issue, but you have the impression that he is keeping something from you. Here are ten indicators that he wants an open relationship, along with advice on how to approach him about them, before you find yourself back on a dating website looking for a new match.

1. He is curious about who you are attracted to.

He might catch you admiring a person in public or a character in a movie or TV show and inquire as to whether you find them attractive. By responding to him and observing his reaction, you can delve a little deeper.

Is he appreciative when you confess your interests to him and describe what you find alluring? He may be interested in non-monogamy if there is no comparison or jealousy.

Being curious about who you are attracted to can be a feature of open relationships.

2. He studies open relationships in books or on television.

They could be non-fiction books, documentaries, reality TV, or even pornographic material regarding threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes. It is more likely that this conduct, if it is new, is an indication of interest. Asking him about it is the best approach to find out.

Studing open relationships can be a feature of open relationships.

3. He makes out with other people, including you.

Has he become more playful? Does he bring you into the humor? He can overtly flirt with you and other people or inquire about whether the person he is with finds you appealing.

Ask him about this habit since open communication is crucial in any relationship. Save this conversation for when you get home because you probably don't want to have it out in the open.

Making out with other people can be a feature of open relationships.

4. He mentions having sex while bringing someone else into the bed.

He gets excited when you talk about including someone else in your sexual relationship. He might bring up a specific acquaintance you two have, a famous person, or a companion you have seen out.

Perhaps this is only a fantasy of his. Everybody has fantasies that they don't always wish to act out. Find out what appeals to him about this idea, and don't be afraid to ask him if he wants to try it out in reality.

Mentioning other people can be a feature of open relationships.

5. He wants to accompany you to sexual events.

He might advise going to a sex party, swingers club, burlesque show, or strip club. It is certainly not a concealed sign if he offers a swingers club or sex party. The others, though, might be. To learn more about what he wants, inquire about what makes him excited.

Wanting to accompany you to all sexual events can be a feature of open relationships.

6. He discusses individuals in open relationships.

He probably wants you to ask questions and is hoping that you will be interested in finding out more if he makes a point of informing you about prior open relationships. This is a wonderful spot to start a conversation about his desires and yours if you're interested in doing so.

He discusses individuals in open relationships.

7. He never feels jealous.

He may not feel jealous even when another person expresses interest in you if he is dedicated to you because he likes the thought of you having sex with someone else. If he finds it enjoyable when you demonstrate attraction to other people, this is especially true.

The easiest method to learn more about this, as with prior symptoms, is to question him directly.

He never feels jealosuy in open dating relationships.

8. He has previous open relationship experience.

Although many people are not monogamous by nature, they find it difficult to admit this and begin non-monogamous partnerships. People tend to repress these desires as a result of family and cultural pressure to "settle down" and find "the one."

Over time, the demand for non-monogamy emerges, placing them in an extremely challenging situation. How can they disclose that they are not monogamous to a partner who has agreed to a relationship that is?

If you learn that your potential partner has a history of open relationships, go into depth about it. Ask him if he considers himself open or non-monogamous. Inquire as to whether the experiences were brief or lasting, favorable or terrible, and how they influenced his other relationships.

He has previous open relationship experience.

9. He becomes better-groomed.

Once a relationship has reached a more committed stage, people tend to become less concerned with their appearance and sense of style. A sudden uptick in grooming could indicate that he wants to start a relationship and is trying to make a good impression on prospective companions. It might also imply that he is already interested in another woman.

Inform your partner of the shift you've seen and inquire as to what caused it.

Being better groomed can be a feature of  open relationships.

10. He makes fun of you in public.

He gestures to someone and makes fun of having a threesome with them when you're out in public. If you inquire as to his seriousness, he might laugh it off if he is anxious about your reply. It could be challenging for him to own his desires if he senses rejection or anger in your voice.

Ask him if there is any truth to these jokes in an open discussion. Make sure he understands how significant his desires are.

Not everyone should be in an open relationship. Open relationships are successful for some people but not for others. They only function properly when all parties concur and are crystal clear about their goals, which calls for great communication skills. Related article: The Pros and Cons of an Open Relationship.

The best course of action if your spouse is displaying these symptoms is to initiate an open, sincere dialogue. Ask thoughtful inquiries, pay attention to the responses, and avoid forming any assumptions (especially about cheating). Don't freak out if it turns out that he wants an open relationship. There is a ton of assistance accessible. Consult a therapist or relationship coach who has worked with couples seeking non-monogamy or other non-traditional relationship models.

Making fun of you in public can be a feature of open relationships.

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