10 Disastrous First Dates That Will Make You Laughing

Last updated: Sep 1, 2022
10 Disastrous First Dates That Will Make You Laughing

Take these dating missteps to heart and avoid doing this on your subsequent first date. Try your best to impress someone you meet through an online dating app rather than scaring them off like this.

Every one of us has gone on a few disastrous first dates. (If you disagree, you're most likely lying.) There are countless methods to sabotage a first meeting, from cat fishing to messy intoxicated people. However, you're sure to chuckle at these first date blunders or at least smile a little while watching them on your screen.

1. A damp bed and a drunk catfish

Vutall, a Reddit member, was on his way to pick up a date when his car suddenly caught fire. His date arrived as soon as possible, but to his astonishment, she didn't resemble the pictures at all. He knew it was a bad sign, but he went along with it nonetheless since he needed aired when his car caught fire. He made an attempt to escape the following day after they returned to her home and became quite inebriated. But she prevented that from happening.

She eventually moved in with him, but not before spending $100 on wine, got inebriated, and then urinating in his bed.What's worst? She made no attempt to wash the bed linens. When she thought he wasn't looking, she threw them in the dryer. Gross.

2. Slumbering in public places

However, not everyone enjoys drinking. TakeIRACB, a Reddit member, as one example. 

Even though they don't consume alcohol,they met a new person for drinks. Their date sipped beer... through a straw,adding to the awkwardness of the situation. precisely three of those.

How was the date concluded? He was face down on the sidewalk and the bouncer was attempting to call a cab when I last saw him. It goes without saying that there most likely wasn't another date following that one.

3. Looking for a career or a date?

Imagine going on a date with someone you thought you had a good match with on a dating app, expecting it to be romantic.only for them to ask you for advice on how to improve it and begin their job search after bringing their resume.

A Chicago-based Reddit user experienced this. They claim, "I don't think that was actually a date."

A piece of advice: Never bring your resume on a date, especially a first one. Leave your CV at home unless you're preparing to meet with a recruiter or résumé specialist whom you're paying to analyze it.

4. Heartbreak and poetry

"I am a tall, slender pine with spread boughs that chases the glitz and glamour of life as it passes by while offering only a faint hint of its beauty and significance. In a space intended for taller people of a shorter species, I am as tall as a bent giant."

This is how the date of 2bABee actually said. She not only spoke like Shakespeare, but she also became enraged when the original author of this narrative did not fall in love with her right away.

Instead of trying to impress someone with poetry, you might instead focus on making a genuine connection first.

quiet moment for couple

5. A friend's destruction

Your pal is meant to be your wing man. They are intended to introduce you to new people, get you on dates, motivate you,and assist you as you navigate the dating world.

However, the friend of map cat's date wasn't exactly helpful to them. Instead, he effectively destroyed everything. 

We enjoyed some drinks and a decent discussion. One of her pals then joined us and sat down," he adds. He said, "This is the worst date ever," with an irritatingly smug expression on his face. Ouch.

6. Falling in love quickly

On a first date, Jim Lahey accidentally backed into a building, made a three-point turn, and mistakenly thought the gas pedal was the brake. What takes place next is obvious.

"Neither it nor my car sustained any significant damage, and its siding was made of weathered old shingles. Nobody witnessed it save her and me," he writes.

The bright side of the situation? Despite the disastrous first date, the two continued to date for a whole year and a half.Maybe after all, it was a success.

7. A little off.

Teaoh, a non-seafood eater, had a disastrous first date that included a shady supper and unsafe cooking. When she entered her date's kitchen, what did she see first? Rings of shrimp. (She had already informed him that she doesn't eat fish.)

But there was also sausage. However, her date asked for rubbing alcohol for the sausage and then pretended to be acting morally upright while grinning. Typically, when a recipe specifies alcohol, it refers to real alcohol use. NOT alcohol by-products.

In addition to burning the rice, he also burned the sausage before scraping out the burned pieces and giving the food tome to consume.

He said, "HERE YOU GO!" Me -"No."mShe writes, "There was no second date."

8. A two-for-one last offer

Before he dumped a glass of wine on her dress and instructed her to go to the restroom to clean it, the gal didn't realize her date was married. She freaked out, and his wife rushed over to see what the commotion was all about. 

Her date attempted to act as though they were coworkers, but OP didn't accept that. I turn to the woman and ask,"I'm guessing you're Charles' wife? " while swiftly assessing the scenario as I stand there. I then notice her wedding band. I'm really sorry.This is Henry, and I'm now dating him, but just like his marriage, this date is coming to an end right now," she adds.

She claimed to have spilled her wine over his head, apologized to his wife, and then fled. She received a text asking whether it was okay for her to let someone crash on her couch thirty minutes later. The boldness.

9. Star-studded secrets

The Hangover 2 was the destination for Linnie Magoo and her date. He leaned over and said, "I want to take you there someday," as the credits opened with an aerial view of Thailand, she recalled. OK, although a little excessive for a first date.

He leans over again when Bradley Cooper appears on the screen and whispers, "He's absolutely gay. He was penetrated by my friend at Georgetown.

For Linnie, it was it. She continued to move after using the restroom.

10. Having a chinchilla to relax with

Last but not least is electron-disastrous shock's first date. I won't summarize it because it's too good; I'll let him speak for himself.

"I saw her breaking up the chicken fingers with her hands and stuffing the breading inside her enormous purse.Naturally, I correct her for it. She pulled out a big chinchilla from her purseand grinned, saying, "Oh, I'm just feeding Sammy," the author writes.(He ultimately decided to add the chinchilla to Facebook.)

They went to grab ice cream after dinner(with Sammy, of course). I was surprised when she revealed that she had nipple piercings during our discussion of tattoos and body piercings. Then, in the middle of a Ben & Jerry's at 8 o'clock in the evening, she pulled down her blouse to reveal her nipples.

 Leave your chinchilla at home as well, and perhaps don't flash new dates at a Ben & Jerry's.


Take these dating missteps to heart and avoid doing this on your subsequent first date. Try your best to impress someone you meet through an online dating app rather than scaring them off like this.